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How to find the best cartridge heater?

Cartridge heaters are specially designed heating elements that can fit into holes to create warmth around. They are suitable for creating high temperatures (up to 800°C) and are commonly used for demanding localised heating. For example, they are particularly suitable for use as tool heating, for heating wide slot nozzles, in special machine construction, screen changers and filter systems in the plastics industry, on packaging machines and for air heating.

How to find the best cartridge heater?How does the cartridge heater work

How does the cartridge heater work?

Heating of cartridge heater is a complex process that is based on the principles of thermodynamics, heat transfers, and fluid mechanics. Heat transfer can be defined as a movement of heat from one object to another. The flow usually happens from the hot surfaces or high concentration areas to the cold surfaces or low concentration areas.

The cartridge heater work with a resistive heating process where current flowing through a conductor produces heat. As per the first law of Joule, the heat produced in the conductor is proportional to the resistance of that conductor, time for which it flows and square of the current.

When the resistive wire is heated up, it transfers heat energy to meta sheath, and then it is further circulated to the surrounding area. The process of conduction helps to ensure heat all around, and it creates warmth in the area.

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Choose custom cartridge heater

Most applications do not require the highest possible power density. Therefore, only choose a power density that corresponds to the actual demand. Use the safety margin by using a heating cartridge with a power density below the maximum value permitted for your application. When choosing the heating cartridges, place greater emphasis on heat emission than on the highest possible power density.

The great news for buyers is that it is also possible to design custom made cartridge heaters for your industrial settings. You can place an order to the cartridge heater producer for designing a product with specific dimensions to meet your requirements.

There are so many things that one need to consider while making a selection for the cartridge heater; few of them are listed below:

  • What is the required heat-up time?
  • What is the operating or final process temperature?
  • What is the cold or starting process temperature?
  • What is the available phase or voltage?
  • How much mass or material you want to heat?
  • What is the desired maximum watt density of the material?
  • Which material is required to be heated?

Choose custom cartridge heater - What is the required heat-up timeChoose custom cartridge heater - cold or starting process temperature

You can make careful decisions about all these factors and then discuss the requirement with the one of the best cartridge heater producers - VIMOSA. With 30 years of tradition, international experience, and a strong professional team they know the exact methods to design the most suitable cartridge heater to meet your specific needs. You can ensure the most reliable performance with this custom cartridge heaters.

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