Advanced and reliable regulating units

In a technological process that uses various heating applications, regulating units are of utmost importance. Electric heaters designed for air and gas heating are commonly used for ventilation purposes and air conditioning. They are also implemented in process engineering and drying systems. Vimosa d.o.o. is a company with years of experience in the field of production of electric heaters and regulating units. They manufacture their state-of-the-art products with accuracy and with top quality materials.

proper regulation and protection of the heater

Why is the regulation of heaters important?

To ensure an effective operation of heaters in the industrial processes, the heater or the heating unit has to be properly regulated and protected. The application and the process properties determine which regulating unit is best for use. At Vimosa d.o.o., they develop, construct and produce the industrial electric heating elements that are used for the most part to heat air, gasses and liquids, as well as tools and devices. For the majority of industrial heating systems, a temperature control unit is of essential need. In order to fit the needs of the client, Vimosa d.o.o. also specialises in design and implementation of these regulating units. The regulation of heaters can be accomplished in three different ways:

  • with the use of simple capillary thermostats,
  • with a mobile control unit – Viterm, or
  • with a dedicated electric control box.

The capillary thermostats are a typical type of regulation. The purpose of this device is to ensure overheating protection of water-heating systems. Normally joined with the heating unit, they are commonly used in applications such as storage water tanks. This type of regulation enables the adjustment of temperature within various ranges and is manually reset. The dimensions of the capillary tube can vary. These thermostats use a capillary tube with enclosed fluid that changes according to temperature – there is either an expansion or contraction of the fluid. The changes in the fluid cause the head to move and trigger an instant response, which results in an open or closed circuit. This kind of regulation is used in less onerous applications where the best precision and responsiveness are not a priority.

Regulation with portable VITERM units

In cases where regulation of heaters is required in different positions throughout the process, the portable VITERM units come into play. These mobile regulating units can consist from one up to a dozen regulating units – based on the client’s needs. The VITERM units connect heaters with temperature sensors by purpose-made connectors. All the customer has to do is connect the system to the power network with a plug. Once the heat treatment parameters are set, the system runs automatically. The heating starts at any time the client desires. The whole process can be monitored simply using a laptop computer. The mobile controller records the results of heat treatment and facilitates the preparation of the documentation. Last but not least, the VITERM units are light and therefore very easy to carry.

Custom-made independent regulating units

When the heating process is rather complex, there is a need for an independent regulating unit with turn-key implementation. At Vimosa d.o.o., they also specialise in the design and manufacturing of custom-built independent regulation units, which are developed to meet the particular demands of the system or application. These regulating units are manufactured with state-of-the-art equipment by Siemens or Omron. Based on the type of use, suitable temperature sensors are supplied. All Vimosa’s control units are ready to use – the client only ensures the elements are properly wired and connected to the power network. Moreover, custom made regulating units can be manufactured in a way they enable the connection to external control units or the CNS system, if the customer desires so.