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Finding And Purchasing The Right Cartridge Heaters

Cartridge heaters can be thought of as "cartridge heating element", which are used to heat many different applications. Mainly used in molds, these devices fit comfortably inside a cavity and help heat solids reaching high temperatures. Heating cartridges can carry a thermocouple inside to help control the temperatures of the heating element more precisely. Different diameters allow this device to be used in any cavity and can be custom designed for any cold section. Leads extend from the end of the device to your controls.

High density cartridge heaters distinguish themselves by their high compression and therefore especially efficient heat emission. That's why VIMOSA produce them with a ground surface for a H7 fit.

The resistance wire is spooled on a ceramic core. Afterwards the space between wire and cartridge sheath is filled with MgO. Finally the cartridge is rotary swaged and thus compressed. Advantage of this construction is the resistance wire's short distance to the sheath, the resulting very good heat emission and the excellent control response.

Many different executions of connections is possible (internal, flexible, normal) with different types of leads (silicone, high temperature, fibre glass nickel).

The thermocouples type J and K could be built into different positions of cartridge heaters according to application.

Cartridge heating element is available in a wide range of powers and at different voltages.

Application areas:

  • Apparatus construction
  • Foundries
  • High vacuum technique
  • Woodworking machines
  • Coffee machines
  • Plastics industry
  • Laboratory devices
  • Food industry
  • Machine tools
  • Medical technology
  • Paper making machines
  • Packaging machines

Electric cartridge heater is used in several metallic heating parts and can also be screwed with threaded connections for heating liquids in certain applications. The heating cartridges will reach the metal temperature up to 760 ° C (1400 ° F) with the appropriate material, areal power, and insertion contact.

Cartridge Heaters are ideally suited to mold and tooling applications. These heaters offer a convenient and efficient means of heating metal dies, platens, molds, heat sealing tools, hot plates, and more. Most units can also be fitted with threaded bushings for liquid heating applications.

Cartridge heating elementDifferent diameters of Cartridge heaters

The Versions Of Heating Cartridges

The version of cartridge heaters can be manufactured as standard or split cartridges (Non-heating zones on the connector side or at the bottomReinforced heating on the connection side or at the bottom and Non-heating zone in the middle).

Standard version of cartridge heaters can be constructed either with or without built-in thermocouples.

Cartridge heaters element require precise bore sizes and tolerances to maximize both their life and their performance. A press-fit and anti-seize paste is highly recommended to extend the life of these heaters. Protrusion of the heated section in a mold is not recommended since the watts densities are high, which will result in element failure.

The folded cartridge heater is a heater with special characteristics. It is intended to heat tools, worktops, etc. where holes are worn or drilled holes are larger than the standard dimensions. It is also suitable for heating in cases where it is necessary that the tip of the heater is heated.

Folded cartridges are always manufactured without built-in thermocouples. Removing folded cartridges is easy as the heater's flexibility is greater due to its design.

Cartridge heater manufacturer VIMOSA offer high-performance cartridge heaters manufactured with state-of-the-art rotary forging technology.