Folded cartridge heater – a revolution in cartridge heating

A large number of today’s manufacturing processes require the utilization of localized heat. Effective, exact and responsive heat – the sort of heat that is best provided via cartridge heaters. These industrial heaters have a tubular shape and can be inserted into drilled holes where they provide accurate localized heating. For instance, they are vastly used in the heating process industry to heat metal blocks from the inside. In order to meet the application demands, they can be custom made to a particular watt density. The classic cartridge heaters have a smaller diameter in comparison with the diameter of the drilled hole. However, with their unique design, the folded cartridge heaters (PGP) offer important advantages compared to the conventional ones. Folded heaters are used for heating working surfaces and tools with oversized holes that are worn or drilled bigger than the standard measurements. They maximize the heat transfer, last longer and have lower operating costs compared to the classic cartridge heaters. In contrast to the latter, PGP is heated along its whole length (even the tip is heated) and therefore provides the most even distribution of heat possible.

folded cartridge heaterFolded cartridge heaters (PGP) are extremely effective

What is the main advantage of folded heaters?

Compared to standard cartridge heaters, the PGP heaters allow a looser fit. For example, when a standard cartridge heater diameter is 12.5 mm, tight-fitting is required. On the other hand, a PGP with the same diameter allows a hole with a diameter of 12.8 mm or even larger. In fact, the main characteristic or folded heaters is that the they adjust to the hole during the heating process. When cooling off they contract, which simplifies their removal. When energized, PGP expands and provides optimum contact with the walls of the host metal, and consequently maximum heat transfer, which results in a more even heating and longer heater life. Vimosa d.o.o. is a company with long tradition in the field of electric heaters production. Their expert team is extremely skilled and customer-focused. Among their products there are also different versions of cartridge heaters, which are distinguished by their quality. The folded heaters offered by Vimosa d.o.o. are 100 mm (or more) long and with a diameter of 9.5 mm, 12.5 mm or 16 mm.

Two main versions of cartridge heaters

Cartridge heaters are used for heating different utensils, such as knives and tools, work surfaces, and various elements like nozzles, hydraulic presses, packing machine clamps etc. The Vimosa cartridge heaters are made by using the most advanced technology which guarantees the best heating performance possible. There are two different versions of Vimosa cartridge heaters – high-performance (VPGs) and low-performance cartridge heaters (NPGs). Both made of stainless steel, the VPGs can reach a surface load of up to 30 W/cm², while the NPGs can reach a surface load of up to 6 W/cm². When it comes to the diameters, there are several options: 4 mm, 5 mm, 6.5 mm, 8 mm, 9.5 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 12.5 mm, 16 mm, and 20 mm. The Vimosa cartridge heaters have many length possibilities, from 40 mm up to 2500 mm.

classic cartridge heaters have a smaller diameterdifferent versions of Vimosa cartridge heaters

Cartridge heaters are useful in various areas

The dimensional characteristics of the Vimosa cartridge heaters offer a variety of possibilities from which the client can choose and obtain what fits their needs best. These heaters are distinguished by their remarkable robustness. They are broadly used in different sectors, such as automobile industry, food production, rubber molding, wood, shoe and textile industries, in foundries and many more areas. They are of great use in many different applications, such as: seal bars, fuel cells, medical devices, 3D printers, sensor measurement devices, semiconductors, die casting, fluid heating, hot melt adhesives and many more.