Best “destination wedding” locations

A question, how to find the best location for your destination wedding abroad, is not an easy one to answer. Especially if there are so many stunning locations where you can elope to.

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How to select your destination to elope for a discreet wedding

  • Think about your expectations: would you like to be a princess for a day and get married in a castle. Do you prefer remote mountains and alpine plateaus or are you dreaming of a wedding location by the sea?
  • Think about the theme of your wedding: will you get married in a family circle? Would you like a high-class dinner,a picnic or a barbeque? Do you want something traditional or different? Addressing these questions will help you to pick best wedding destination.
  • Try to find a wedding location which offers the whole package (a wedding ceremony, place for the wedding party, food, accommodation for your guests ...).
  • Do you wish to have a big wedding with all your loved ones around you or would you prefer to elope in a more intimate way and have a small, but memorable wedding?
  • Think about how much money you are willing to spend on your wedding and wedding location. And bear in mind that top locations for weddings are not always the most expensive ones. We can help you to create the perfect wedding day regardless of your budget.
  • Pick a couple of possible destinations for your wedding and visit them personally if you can. This way you will get the best idea about which location will be the most appropriate for you and your guests.
  • When you find the best destination for you, tell us as soon as possible. That will ensure that we can ensure that everything you require can be planned and organised well in advance of your special day.

Top locations for weddings

Only you can decide what really constitutes the top location for your wedding. But we can offer some suggestions, which we have lots of knowledge about and experience of organising weddings in - we place these amongst the absolute top locations to get married in Europe:

  • Lake Bled, an alpine jewel
  • Ljubljana - one of the most vibrant, cultured and bijou cities in Europe -
  • the medieval seaside town of Piran.

How to get married in EuropeHow to get married in Europe

Getting married anywhere in Europe is easier than you think and we will guide you through everything to ensure getting married in Slovenia will be easy.
1. Select the best location for your destination wedding.
2. The documents:

  • A copy of your birth certificate, issued not more than 180 days prior to the wedding.
  • No impediment to marriage, If either the bride or groom is not Slovene they must provide a document that proves they are eligible to marry in Slovenia and the marriage is forthwith valid. (issued less than 90 days before the wedding).
  • A decree absolute if you were previously married and divorced. If you have been widowed, you will also need a death certificate to prove it.
  • A permission letter: is needed if your chosen destination is not officially recognised as a wedding location.
  • Passport: if you’re getting married in Europe you will need a valid passport and a copy/scan which will be sent to the local Slovenian registry office.

If either of you has changed your name in the past, proof of this with an affidavit (legal document) is required.

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