How to ensure a high quality customer experience

Customer experience comprises of all the communication between a customer and a company. It is of absolute importance in the retail business, as well as in all other commercial endeavors. Long gone are the simple approaches to customers, who are nowadays much more sophisticated, demanding and have higher expectations. A once mere purchase of a product in a shop is now often transformed into an experience which aims to please all senses, while online shoppers expect a quick, responsive and functioning website design of a company’s online presentation. All these factors might appear as a difficult obstacle various businesses have to overcome, however, if done properly, can prove to be an unexploited added value that can set a certain commercial enterprise apart from its competition.

Digital presence is a vital asset to a business

A cleverly designed website which appeals to the users with the use of compatible colors, the company’s logo and smart web design, might ensure a lasting first impression, or, if ignored, hinder the company’s online presence and acquisition of new customers. It is, therefore, vital to invest in an online appearance which takes into consideration the whole visual impact a website is able to have. The visuals have to be supported with well written, mistake-free and strategically placed texts which explain the products on offer and the company’s culture. While constructing an efficient online presence, different mobile devices and their particular features in displaying websites must be carefully considered. Customers are often accessing websites on their mobile devices; therefore, it is of paramount importance that a well-functioning as well as visually appealing website operates as such on all smart devices as well. And lastly, while deciding how to attract customers online, it is not advisable to clutter the website with too many visually stimulating features which require a lot of time to load, since the customers with less than ideal connection might lose their patience and abandon the use of entire website.

What is a commercial building?

Shops and showrooms have to appeal to all senses

Customers who walk into brick-and-mortar shops and showrooms are very likely already well-informed about the product they are interested in and came in only to fully experience it. This means they have to have access to the products in order to see them, feel the materials and fully experience them in the real world, something they could not do online. A commercial showroom, therefore, became a place where this need to experience the product in person has to be satisfied. This can be achieved with building several focal points which would accentuate key aspects of products on display. The design of the whole place should lead customers among the displays as if they were on a journey through an interesting landscape. Even in showrooms which are not extensive, one strategically lit object can attract more attention than a whole array of them. Namely, commercial showroom lighting design has advanced considerably and proved to be an efficient way of creating different spaces within showrooms without obstructing the natural flow of costumers’ movements. As such it is enhancing their in-store experience, helping customers to enjoy the process of discovering and, hopefully, acquiring the product.

Commercial showroom designCommercial showroom lighting design

Upgrading customer service is of vital importance

The main part of ensuring high quality customer experience is a helpful and responsive customer support service. People always relate to people and if customers have an unpleasant exchange with a company’s customer support member, chances are they will not stay their customer for a long time. It is worth, therefore, to invest time and money to thoroughly train all company employees who have contact with customers because they, in the moment of communicating with customers, are representative of the whole company. To ensure their good performance the use of feedback can be very beneficial, since even negative feedback provides valuable information of possible large-scale improvements.