Prefab building systems allow for a safer construction

Traditional construction can be incredibly costly, long- lasting and static. As an increasingly viable alternative, modular systems present a high quality solution. Modular constructions constist of several units, or modules, which are made off-site beforehand and are designed to fit together perfectly. The prefabricated elements are assembled together, creating the illusion of a whole. Once finished, there is visually nothing that would separate a traditionally built construction from a modular building. The transitions between modules is seamless, but ensures the contruction is amazingly timely. It also allows for the completed building to be completely deconstructed at a later date, if necessary. The entire home may be then moved to a different location, or the different forming units sold for profit. Both must follow the legal guidelines and regulations and both require a building permit prior to the start of construction. Unfortunately, various Heritage societies for the preservation of historical landmarks may be less willing to authorize the erection of a prefab building, especially in old city centres. Prior to making any binding agreements, it is advisable to examine the housing situation in your local area.    

Modular buildings

Indoor prefabrication reduces the risk of on-site accidents

Prefabricated modular buildings significantly contribute to a safer construction area. For the modular building system, all necessary segments are prefabricated off-site. The production takes place indoors, in a controlled environment. The workers there are less at risk than the builders on-site, who must complete their task in unpredictable weather and unknown conditions. When the different modular units arrive at the site, they need only be stacked together like a jigsaw puzzle. As the necessity for prolonged outdoor work in potentially difficult weather is lessened, so too does the number of work-related accidents decrease. The greater safety of the assembly crew is just one of many reason why increasingly larger numbers of people opt for a prefab constructions each year. Prefab constructions were relatively unknown in Slovenia even just 10 years ago. The economic crisis has forced a push in the direction of cheaper housing projects. Fortunately, however, modular housing units do not appear any less comfortable, attractive or practical. They are able to retain the same level of enjoyment any standard apartment building might – at half the budget. The great, diverse options have created massive interest, which only appears to be growing.  

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What institutions typically prefer modular constructions?

Modular buildings are currently gaining on popularity in the housing sector. They are still mostly used, however, in the social sector or as large-scale work environments. The construction is cheap, quick and easy. At the same time, it can provide variation in layouts, great fire safety and security,a s well as excellent insulation. The dependability and cost-effectiveness makes it a prime candidate for government funded projects, such as educational facilities, hospitals or various functional offices.  In the private sector it is used for temporary offices in the field, construction halls or large office buildings. It is especially practical for multinational companies, which need to properly space hundreds or thousands of people in the same location. The identical rows of rooms or cubicles may seem impersonal, but they make very efficient use of the space they are given. They are entirely capable of accomodating large numbers of people.

Prefab modular buildings

Prefabricated building systems and legal regulations

It is necessary for all modular building constructions to adhere to the same legal regulations that traditional-style buildings have to. The difference in construction methods is not relevant in obtaining the proper building permit. The client must follow the protocol as any other would. Especially in cases where a large group of people may be affected – educational facilities, healthcare providers or large office buildings – the need to properly implent all the necessary security measure is crucial. For that reason it is always advisable to acquire the help of a professional work team. Unless you have personal experience in the field, undertaking such a project on your own, even if it is on a smaller scale, may be more complicated that it innitially seems. The electrical work and plumbing may cause serious problems, if done incorrectly. They need to be completed by professionals – electricians and plumbers. Working with a construction company ensures less anxiety for the owner, as the companies contract all the necessary professionals themselves at fair prices. The owner need not worry about the many, many trivialities that arise during construction, but which are, no matter how meaningless they might seem, essential to ensure standard living conditions.