New trends in how to redefine office spaces

The increase in affordable and widely available technology has enabled many workers to work remotely from home. While this can be beneficial in many regards, it also means that the creative process which is sparked in a group setting can be hindered. It is therefore not surprising that big companies started to redefine their office spaces in order to lure their workers back into a new, creative office space which promotes cooperation and innovation. There is a similar trend among freelancers and self-employed entrepreneurs who find working at home or on the road a rather lonesome affair. To connect with others with similar desires as well as to network in their own field, coworking proves to be the best solution. Nowadays there are many creative and innovative solutions which enable better office condition regardless of the situation at hand.

Collision spaces are a better environment for meetings

Meetings are one of the most unpopular parts of office work; however, this does need to be so. Big and innovative companies, like Google for example, have redefined old conference rooms into so called collision spaces which promote a more relaxed way of collaborating and developing ideas. Collision spaces are equipped with comfortable furniture and have features like scribbling walls to encourage brainstorming and creative problem solving. Some companies deliberately make collision spaces into common areas where teams can meet and also socialize in a more informal way. However, such spaces are not interesting just for the company’s employees because they offer an alternative space to more traditional office setting, they are appealing also to customers and other outside visitors who get their impressions about the company culture and values.

Prefab offices provide a quick and cheap solution when new office space is needed

Sometimes companies encounter a temporary need for bigger or just alternative office space due to remodeling, expanding or relocating. In the past that meant renting new offices or finding other less than optimal solutions, however, nowadays a prefab office offers a perfect solution to these situations. Prefab offices are cheap and quick to install, the only requirement is available space where a prefab office – or a connected set of them – can be placed. Prefab offices are constructed of eco-friendly materials which have great insulation properties and ensure comfortable working conditions. Together with prefab office furniture they provide all the amenities of a traditional office space. They can be used temporarily to bridge the time when a more permanent solution is arranged, however, they provide such a high quality office environment that they are appropriate also as permanent office space. Many times they are meant to be only a temporary solution but are, due to their practical and comfortable aspect kept as a permanent office space. Because prefab offices are easily transportable they can be used in many surprising venues which previously would not be regarded as a possible office space which only adds to their appeal.

Prefab office designPrefab office furniture

Coworking connects freelancers and entrepreneurs

Freelance workers have their offices at home, or sometimes in a local café where they get their coffee. This way of working can have its advantages, especially low or no costs of renting an office space, but on the other hand it lacks communication with other people. That is the reason why coworking became a trend among many self-employed people. Coworking is working in a common office space with other self-employed people and entrepreneurs. The floor plan is usually open and the interior design is modern and innovative, allowing freelancers to work in an interesting space with other independent contractors. Such spaces are designed to accommodate individual work as well as informal socialization among the users which can in time form a supportive community.