What is a commercial building solution and where are they used?

Before we start talking about commercial building solutions we must first define what a commercial building actually is. A simple answer would be, commercial buildings are buildings that are used for commercial purposes. A term commercial building usually refers to buildings that house businesses, but it can also refer to land that is intended to generate a profit, as well as larger residential rental properties. In general, we can divide commercial buildings into two groups – directly and indirectly used commercial buildings. Directly used commercial buildings are for example supermarkets and other shopping malls, indirectly used commercial buildings on the other hand are for example an apartment building, where the lease of individual apartments is the business activity that takes place.

Modular building solutionCommercial building solutions

A variety of types of commercial building solution exists

There is a variety of types of commercial buildings available nowadays; for example: office buildings, retail buildings, industrial buildings, multifamily housing, hotels and motels or even special-purpose buildings.

There are quite a few commercial building solutions available nowadays. One that is more and more used is a modular commercial building that come with numerous advantages. First of all, they are quickly assembled due to the building parts are pre-made in the factory and then just assembled on the site. Moreover, these advanced modular solutions are also extremely easy to transport, which ensure simple and quick migration of the building elsewhere if there is a need to. Advanced modular solutions are also required to meet a stringent building standards and so during the production proces, third party quality control is almost always present, which ensures high quality of commercial building solutions. Moreover, Modular buildings are completed in manufacturing plants, so the modular building construction is never delayed by weather conditions and always occurs within a set timeframe. Last but not least, advanced modular solutions also have environmental benefit, because modular building process uses less energy than traditional construction. Unlike onsite construction practices, waste in modular construction is used instead of discarded.

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Eco-friendly nature results in economic benefit

Commercial building solutions can also be very “green”. When building a commercial building, sustainable building materials like recycled glass and steel, as well as renewable materials like bamboo and rubber can be used. Moreover, energy-efficient windows and doors can be installed, which will help us save energy in the long-term use of commercial building. Furthermore, with using lower-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints and stains we will help to prevent pollution of the earth. Additionally, green roof systems (also known as “plants on your roof”) can be constructed. With these many benefits are offered, including onsite gardens, rainwater management and protection from the effects of harmful UV light. With maximizing natural light lighting requirements (and subsequently energy costs) will be saved as well as, building will be kept warmer in colder months. Lastly, using renewable energy to power the building is a good choice for saving some costs - for example, installing a commercial solar panel system.

All these “green” solutions will result in healthier working area and happier employees. Moreover, energy costs will be reduced. A study showed that eco-friendly commercial buildings use around 66 per cent less electricity and 51 per cent less water than the average stick-built building with no “green” solutions.

Mostly, modern commercial building solutions are reusable, which is also one of their biggest advantages. They can be moved to another location within days and then reassembled at the spot. So, if there is ever a need to move your business elsewhere, this will be of a less problem nowadays.

New designs of commercial building solutions

Commercial exteriors are always challenging to architects, because they most achieve that the commercial building fits into the surroundings, however as some point it must stand out as something new and modern. Therefore, modern materials are used that are durable and long-lasting as well as energy efficient. Moreover, different types of materials are used together to achieve the modern look of commercial building solutions. For example; Modern office space must provide more than a place to work.