Enhance your performance with speed and resistance training equipment

Trying to be better physically prepared is easier if you use speed training equipment. Beam Trainer can help coaches and school PE teachers with their work - training and assessing the athletes' improvement. Beep running test is often used to check athletes' or students' fitness level and check their progress. By using applications such as Beam Trainer your work is significantly easier and it is virtually all you need. Its flexibility has proven to be the main advantage or users, as well as its accuracy and affordable price.

Beep running test for assessing aerobic fitness level

Among others also known as bleep running test, pacer test,Leger-testor20-m shuttle run test is often used by teachers and coaches to determine an athlete's VO2 max or maximum oxygen uptake. Speed and resistance training equipment can be used to enhance their performance. Choosing such timing equipment can prove to be difficult since you need high-quality application that is versatile and easy to use - and affordable, of course, because all schools and teams don't have a high budget available. Beam Trainer is all of that. It comes with different additions, such as starter gun and photo finish application, so you can use it for training and competitions as well.

Beam Trainer speed training equipment

Beam Trainer speed and resistance training equipment can be used not only for preparing athletes and improving their fitness level but also for timing different events. Organizing a running race can be a handful without the correct equipment. But Beam Trainer is perfect for all kinds of competitions. It is easy to use and accurate and it comes with different additional applications, such as photo finish application. All data is automatically saved to your mobile device which means there are no errors compared to using a stop-watch and writing the results down by hand. This affordable speed training equipment has been tested at schools and sports clubs as well as competitions and it has proved to be one of the most useful and accurate applications available.

Speed training

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