Electronic timing gates with wireless timing system

Using electronic timing gates is not limited only to running competitions or training. It is used in a variety of sports, where speed is of the essence. Sports timing equipment can help coaches and PE teachers to check athletes' fitness level and regularly monitor their progress. By using Beam Trainer electronic timing gates or speed gates sport coaches and teachers choose accuracy, reliability and affordability.

Electronic timing gatesWireless timing system

Why use electronic timing gates instead of a stop-watch?

Sports timing equipment like Beam Trainer electronic timing gates are far more reliable than any other system, especially compared to an ordinary stop-watch. Starting timing by pressing the button on a stop-watch can be off as much as a second, even if a person timing has very fast reactions. When you are timing an event or a competition (regardless of the level) electronic timing gates that leave no space for errors are essential for exact timing where every hundredth of a second counts. Wireless timing system simultaneously saves the data so none of the information gets lost. Such accurate timing is also important for fitness monitoring. It can detect the slightest difference in speed and can both detect the difference as well as stimulate the athlete by showing the progress.

Sports timing equipment - accuracy when storing data

With electronic timing or speed gates, sport coaches or teachers can not only accurately measure the athletes' speed but also make extremely accurate data storing. All data is automatically saved to the mobile device and there is no need to write it down. That means that coaches have much less work to do and they can easily do it by themselves, since the wireless timing system only has to be placed and then it does all the work by itself. Because Beam Trainer is so affordable, there is virtually no need for stop-watches anymore - at least not for timing runners!

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