Test your speed using innovative timing systems

In sports time is everything. It is extremely important to test your speed, which is essential for good results. It is significant not only in sports such as running but also in any other sport, that requires speed and agility - which includes virtually any sport you can think of. Are you still using your stop-watch to time your competitors during training and games? Still performbeep test'the old way'? It's time to step into the present and test your speed with the new Beam Trainer. It's simple to use, efficient and accurate.

Test your speed and improve your results

Our new Beam Trainer is one of the easiest innovativesports timingsystems you have ever used. It can significantly improve your results since your trainer can easily test your speed, safe the data and check your improvement without using a stop-watch, a pen and a piece of paper. Test your speed regularly and use Beam Trainer to do beep test training, long or short distance running and many more. Its simplicity and performance will never cease to amaze you. It is originally meant to be used by sports teachers and coaches, but despite all of its functions it is so user friendly, it can be used by everyone to test your speed.

Speed Test

Truly user friendly innovative timing systems

If you want to test your speed, Beam Timer is a user friendly system that uses photocells to connect to your mobile device via Bluetooth. In most cases you can use it without photocells. It is not something that has never been done before, but complete novelty worldwide with many advantages. All you need to test your speed or dobeep test training is to use Beam trainer according to the instructions. This photo finish applicationwill surely change the way you test your speed, improve your reaction time and agility or time runners and other sportsmen during training or competitions.

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