Hand disinfectant dispenser ensures thorough disinfection in the production area

Hand disinfectant dispenser is a paramount part of cleaning solutions, providing optimal hygiene to the personnel upon entering or exiting the manufacturing area. Cutting-edge solutions were designed to prevent contamination and insufficient hand cleaning.

They should also ensure that every industry meets the hygiene standards of HACCP, IFS, NSF and others. A high-quality hand washing station directs the personnel on how to use it properly. The rigorous process begins with thorough soaping, followed by a rinse under the running water.

After efficient drying, disinfection takes place. A precisely planned and managed process destroys all germs, pathogens and bacteria. Such a system provides thorough disinfection of the personnel before entering the production area, preventing them from skipping any of the steps.

A vital part of the sanitation system are hygiene stations, automatic hand washer and dryer, washbasins and hand-washing accessories. A vast range of premium-quality stainless steel cleaning solutions can be self-standing, floor or wall-mounted and sensor or knee-operated.

Ergonomically designed apparatuses work as modular units, combining multiple functions in one, allowing customisation and ensuring ultimate food safety.

hand disinfectant dispenser

Why is hand washing station a crucial part of various industries? 

Hand disinfectant dispenser is an indispensable part of the food industry. The approach of anticipating, recognising, evaluating and controlling workplace conditions is a necessary part of every successful hygiene plan.

The first step of designing such a plan is identifying potential risks and hazards that may affect the production. These can be biological (bacteria, viruses), chemical (additives, pesticides, allergens) or even physical (glass, plastic, metal). The second step is to establish the control and the limits.

These will reduce the hazards in the manufacturing plant. Control must be established on all the critical points, and they need to be monitored and recorded. Monitoring is essential throughout the operation as it helps verify that the hygiene plan is successful.

The fourth step is reviewing and improving - it is where the efficiency and effectiveness of the plan, are audited. This step examines if all the automatic hand washer and dryers are in the right spot to enhance sanitation and improve safety.

To effectively initiate such practices, communication is the key. With proper training, your personnel will quickly know How to use the hand washing station. The final step is validation of the safety and hygiene plan.

In this step, everything is inspected again to make sure that the risks and hazards in the manufacturing plant are implemented consistently and correctly. Comprehensive, tailored solutions catering to every aspect of the food processing industry will ensure cost-effectiveness while establishing meticulous safety and strict sanitation policies. 

hand washing station

Hand disinfectant dispenser complies with the highest quality requirements and standards

A hand disinfectant dispenser is an imperative part of a hygiene station that guarantees uncompromising hygiene. Automatic dosages of soap and sanitiser are released after both hands are placed inside the machine, which makes the process cost-effective.

The models are available in two arrangements, wall-mounted or floor-mounted, which ensures optimal flexibility. The hand washing station has a hygienic design with a smooth surface finish, nozzles and turnstiles made of stainless steel and an illuminated sanitisation chamber with rubber edge protectors.

Because each manufacturing plant is different, the station is available in DIN 1.4404 (AISI 316Ti), DIN 1.4571 (AISI 316L) or other stainless steel. It is also adjustable to additional electric power distributions and in compliance with the highest quality standards of HACCP, IFS and NSF.

The modular structure ensures that the fully comprehensive cleanliness solutions perfectly fit the needs of the corporation process. High-functioning, state-of-the-art apparatus releases the turnstile only after the automatic hand washer and dryer finished applying the cleaning agent. 

Automatic hand washer and dryer minimises the contamination risk 

Automatic hand washer and dryer enables easy and quick disinfection upon entering the manufacturing area. It is available in various models and can be used as a self-standing unit or, in combination with any other hygiene station.

They offer a diverse range of add-on units to combine with products' basic versions. As part of the fully comprehensive hygiene solution, they perfectly fit the needs of a specific industry. The hand disinfectant dispenser ensures the cleaning process is sufficient, while the turnstile guarantees entry only to the personnel with properly cleaned hands.

If you wish to add to your hand washing station Dyson Airblade™ hand dryer is the perfect solution. The eco-friendly dryer is highly hygienic, and it takes only 12 seconds to dry a pair of hands. The unique features are HEPA filters, ensuring superior results and removing 99.9% of bacteria from the air during the drying process.

Drying without paper towels, combined with low emissions, significantly reduces operating costs and guarantees an environmentally friendly approach. The dryers were made of durable and robust materials for trying areas, so they had no trouble withstanding the pressure of a busy production area.

automatic hand washer and dryer