Industrial washing machine helps to ensure optimal hygiene standards

Optimal hygiene is of primary importance in many industries, especially all food-processing ones and those with high demands for precision. If we mention industrial washing equipment like washers, you will probably think of industrial laundry washing and drying machines, but in reality professional washing systems cover a whole range of different washing devices for industrial use, suitable for different items and several cleaning purposes and ways. The systems of a sort for example automatically wash cleaning aprons and uniforms, mechanical parts, utensils and other industrial washing equipment, by removing oil stains, metal fillings and dust, providing safe and clean equipment for any industry.

Besides different washing machine systems that cover a wide range of tasks, Nieros also produces the ones that are slightly more complex and can be completely custom made and tailored for specific needs of any kind of industrial washing, adaptable to vrious amplitudes of workload as well as different sized spaces and extent of certain business.

The most important advantages of an optimal industrial washer are its high performance, efficiency and quality. Nieros washing machines are famous by their optimal water consumption, efficient energy use and are therefore cost-effective.  They comply with many different standards and certificates such as ISO 9001, IFS, HACCP and NFS,  are multipurpose and can be heavily specialized, perfect for washing standardized items such as Euro stacking containers, plastic crates, trays, moulds, boxes, racks, Euro-pallets, baskets and Eurobins. They excel in their superior washing performance during the entire cleaning process, user-friendly operation with adjustable washing parameters, easy access to spray nozzles and water tanks, water recycling, low operating and maintenance costs, easy cleaning and maintenance possibilities and high-quality built-in parts.

Industrial washing machines designed by Nieros are simple and versatile, appropriate for any business or need. The company offers high quality tunnel industrial washing machines (used for washing crates and similar products of different sizes), cabin industrial washing machines (for washing buggies and containers), industrial tray washers (for different number of trays, but also crates and cheese moulds), industrial utensils washers (for automatic cleaning and sterilization of smaller number of dishes, knife baskets, pots, rates, small machine parts etc. or also larger number of utensils) and industrial boot wash station (industrial washing machines for cleaning boots). They also produce certain specialised devices for washing live poultry boxes; palettes, crates and buggies; crates and chocolate moulds; barrels and covers; large containers; smoking sticks; smoke trolleys and numerous other possible combinations.

All of the mentioned washers feature sideguards, adjustable nozzles and hold-down attachments to assist a wide range of products and provide great cleaning results. With each model there is a choice of options and additional industrial washing equipment, but the real reason for the excellency and economy of Nieros industrial washing machines lies in their high washing capacity and sustainable features such as water recycling system that collects the rinse water which can be reused in the washing or pre-washing phase.

pallet washing systems

tunnel washing machine

Tunel washing machine

A tunnel washer, also called a continuous batch washer, is an industrial washing machine designed specifically to handle heavy loads of laundry. Its screw is made of perforated metal, so the items can progress through it in one direction, while water and washing chemicals move through in the opposite one, this way the linen moves through pockets of progressively cleaner water and fresher chemicals. Soiled linen can be continuously fed into one end of the tunnel, while the clean one emerges from the other.

Nieros produces stainless steel tunnel washing machines, suitable for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and several other industries. Their devices have a long life span and are very easy to maintain. The company offers a uniform solution, including consulting, engineering and servicing.Their customers can choose between three different types of tunnel washing machines.

Series CL-T 250 are compact portable washing devices with wash bins made of mesh, that can be separated from the machine with a neutral zone. They are designed for cleaning up to 250 Euro crates per hour.

Series CL-T 400, 600 and 800 are machines, designed to wash 400, 600 and 800 crates per hour. They can handle different crates and various other products.

There is also a special series, designed for cleaning up to 2000 Euro crates per hour.

Pallet washing systems

Pallet washer CLT P designed by Nieros effectively washes plastic and metal Euro-pallets, trays, layer pads ect., which can be loaded manually, one at a time, in stacks, or on a conveyor. The standard CLT P can accommodate up to 240 items per hour, with a maximum size of 1000 x 1200 mm per item.

The device is a tunnel washing machine with both, washing and rinsing zone. It contains brushes for thorough Euro-pallet surface cleaning, adjustable nozzles, an object detection sensor in the rinsing zone, stainless steel DIN 1.4301 (AISI 304) transport chain and easily adjustable sideguards. The access to its water tanks is easy and convenient. It also has an electric water heating, adjustable washing and rinsing parameters, automatic detergent dispenser, smooth surface finish, adjustable height, and an IP65 protection.