Industrial cleaning equipment ensures great hygiene standards

Attaining good hygiene practices and strictly following sanitation guidelines is only possible with the help of an excellent cleaning technology. Nieros industrial hygiene equipment, hygiene stations and hygiene systems help you maintain a clean and sterile work environment, standing by your side at every stage of the production process. Constructed in high-quality stainless steel, Nieros cleaning machines have a long life span, are reliable, highly efficient, sustainable, cost-effective, user-friendly and easy to maintain. By establishing proper hygiene practices for the personnel entering the production area, they help keeping your work equipment and personal protective equipment perfectly clean.

industrial cleaning equipment

About the company

Nieros is one of the most important global hygiene equipment manufacturers and suppliers. They design high-tech stainless steel products that meet the requirements of a great variety of different industrial activities, providing their clients with integrated customer support and service. Aside offering their custom-made solutions for effectively resolving a wide range of their customersˈ challenges that they cope with on daily basis, they also help them achieve the necessary standards and help to improve their time-cost optimization. In Nieros they really understand and respect their customers, their specific needs and industries they operate in and are extremely quality focused, which helps them earn big appreciation and trust of their clients.

Industrial hygiene equipment

Nieros industrial hygiene equipment meets various needs of a diverse range of industries. Being constructed in high quality and durable stainless steel, their devices have a very long life span and are extremely reliable, highly efficient, very easy to use and have user-friendly operating systems. By consuming a minimum amount of energy and time, they lower your operating costs. Their industrial hygiene equipment is all built in-house, where the company is able to assure the highest quality standard, using only first class components and built-in parts that contribute to their durability.

Nieros hygiene stations ensure proper personnel hygiene at the production entry and exit points that can play a crucial part in a broad spectrum of industries, in particular food processing ones. Designed for handwashing and footwear cleaning purposes, they include automatic hand disinfection units with an automatic dosing system and rubber edges (protecting the illuminated chamber), a walk-through brush cleaner or a sanitization basin with a drip-off zone (for cleaning sides and soles of the footwear) and a turnstile control system that controls passages and ensures that one can only enter the sensitive production areas with hands properly cleaned.

Nieros footwear cleaning machines take care of the fast and efficient footwear cleaning, upon both, entering and leaving the production area. They consist of easily changeable brushes that demand no tools, an automatic dosage of sanitizer and are designed very hygienically, with smooth surface finish and adjustable height. Cleaning machines for footwear are available in different cleaning-line lengths and with types of brushes to clean either the soles and sides or the entire footwear, depending on your production needs and demands.

footwear cleaning machines

Hand cleaning solutions made by Nieros take care of perfect personnel hand hygiene. A turnstile-controlled passage lets only the personnel with their hands cleaned enter the production area. The hand cleaning stations are being developed in a way to direct the personnel to use them properly and economically.

Nieros equipment cleaning solutions guarantee an optimal hygiene of the production process equipment and can be a perfect, energy-saving cleaning solution for any industry with the highest hygiene demands.

Nieros boot dryer machines are used specifically for storing, drying and sanitization of all types of work boots and shoes, effectively reducing moisture and eliminating unpleasant odours, to always keep the work footwear comfortable, functional and ready to use. For doing so they use heated air and can store and dry up to 30 pairs of boots and other footwear, featuring electronically adjustable drying time. These devices can complete up to 8 optimal drying cycles per day.

Nieros low-pressure cleaning systems can be the answer for the easy, quick and efficient cleaning and disinfection of the work area in a wide variety of different industries. They are user-friendly, easy to install and allow free choice of a cleaning agent. The systematic cleaning of up to 80 m2 in a minute, consists of pre-rinsing to remove larger pieces of dirt using low-pressure water jet, foam cleaning to effectively remove the dirt, rinsing with clean water and disinfection of the cleaned surface. You can choose between the main and satellite station, a mobile station, hose reels, chemical centre, hoses and spraying guns, chemical canister holders etc.

Industrial hygiene monitoring equipment

If you are searching for the best industrial cleaning solution, you can check out the Nieros website, where you can read all about their easy to use industrial hygiene monitoring equipment and industrial washing equipment. On top of that, the company also offers Industrial washing machines, industrial meat processing equipment for different types of meat processing industry, logistic solutions, warehouse management systems ect., that will take care of even more aspects for a successful business. In case you are interested, their specialists will gladly offer assistance and answer all your questions.