Travel adventure in Slovenia | Join an adrenaline adventure in Slovenia

Adventure in Slovenia | Unlimited possibilities for adrenaline adventures

Slovenia is an adventure heaven. Travel groups or individuals, who have joined our travel adventure in Slovenia, will tell you, that regardless of which travel adventure you choose - canyoning adventure, rafting adventure, climbing adventure or any other adrenaline adventure - you are in for the ride of your life. Slovenia offers adventure in every corner - from crystal-clear rivers to beautiful mountains, in travel groups or an individual adrenaline adventure packages.

Canyoning adventure or rafting adventure | Travel adventure in clear Slovenian rivers

In Slovenia most travel groups try at least one adventure. They chose either canyoning or rafting, some even climbing. Rafting is undoubtedly an adventure you will never forget. Travel to Slovenia and join the adventure. Slovenia has many hidden gorges and canyons, perfect for canyoning, and many beautiful rivers offering an unforgettable rafting adventure, that will raise your adrenaline to the top. Adventures for adrenaline addicts and families are waiting for you to make the first step and contact Adventours.

Travel adventure | Climbing adventure in Slovenian mountains

If you want to experience a real adrenaline adventure, try rock or mountain climbing - an adventure you will surely never forget. You can start your adventure with canyoning or rafting and then head to the mountains. This travel adventure is suitable for adults as well as children, since the programme of a climbing adventure is always designed individually. Regardless of which travel adventure you choose, we guarantee that you will come back to Slovenia for more adventure. The adrenaline rush you experience during the adventure is unbelievable. A canyoning adventure, a climbing adventure or rafting adventure - the adrenaline rush is exceptional.

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