Tent camping you will never forget

Tent camping is surely an opportunity to return back to the nature. Tent camping enables you to sleep on the ground but at the same time you are safe in a tent so there is no worry of the bugs and other animals that might come around while you are asleep. That is why tent camping is nowadays very popular among many modern nature lovers. Camping in Slovenia is especially nice in Soca river valley. This valley is one of the most beautiful places in the whole Europe. The nature is pristine and unspoiled here. The beauty of the river is stunning. And in the middle of it there is our outstanding eco camp resort. For those who do not prefer tent camping we have built six wooden chalets which are the pride of our eco camp resort.


Camping in Slovenia perfect for the nature lovers

On our eco camping sites you will enjoy all the luxury a nature lovers want to afford to themselves. In addition, there are plenty of outdoor activities for couples and outdoor activities for kids: in our eco camp resort we come up with something new every year, that is why our happy guests usually come back every year or even several times a year. The surroundings of our eco camp resort are so beautiful that people want to experience it in all the times of the year. That is why our eco camp resort is probably one of the best camping options in Slovenia.

Tent camping in KobaridTent camping in eco camp Slovenia

Tent camping in Kamp Koren is amazing

Generally camping in Slovenia is very popular because of the beauty of our nature and the kindness of Slovenians. If you too are interested in tent camping and have never been camping in Slovenia, you should definitely plan the next holiday in Slovenia in one of our eco camping sites, where there is also plenty of outdoor activities for couples.