Kobarid accommodation located in the heart of the pure nature

Kobarid accommodation is best choice if you wish to choose kayaking holidays. Kobarid accommodation is recommendable because there are many attractions in Kobarid and vicinity. Slovenia is a small country with only two millions of inhabitants who are kind to visiting foreigners. Northwestern Slovenia is a region of mountains that offers such beauty and pristine, unspoiled nature that it is hard to imagine to.

Kobarid attractions are simply to say: breathtaking

The biggest attraction in Kobarid is the nature which is perfect for kayaking holidays, especially if you are a nature lover. The second attraction of Kobarid is the little town itself. Kobarid accommodation is neat, affordable and there is a lot of peace and quiet in Kobarid. The air is pure and the Soca river valley is surely one of the most beautiful river valleys in Europe. The beautiful color of Soca river offers kayaking you will never forget. Pristine and unspoiled nature is the biggest Kobarid attraction.


Kobarid accommodation that offers some natural experience

If you are interested in Kobarid accommodation outside the little town, our camping sites are probably an amazing option for you. If you are a nature freak and wish to experience kayaking holidays in a raw nature all the time you can camp outdoors. However, if you wish to spend your kayaking holidays a little bit differently, we offer you eco camping in luxury. We have built six wooden chalets that are perfect for those who would like to spend holidays kayaking, stay at the camping site and experience eco camping in luxury. If you prefer all this, you must stay at our Kobarid accommodation.

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