Kayaking Soca river is simply breathtaking

Kayaking Soca river and outdoor camping is an interesting combination which is especially thrilling for the true nature lovers, including our youngest ones, who can enjoy in several outdoor activities for kids. Camping near Soča is perfect for all those who enjoy in a beautiful and pristine nature. Soca river valley is probably one of the best river valleys in the entire Europe. The typical color of this beautiful river is simply unforgettable and all those who have once seen it tend to come back again and again. Perhaps this is why kayaking Soca river is something special. There are only a few rivers in Europe that can offer you that much as Soča offers. That is why kayaking Soca river is known not only in Europe but all over the world. And if you love kayaking the best idea is camping near Soča. Camping in Kamp Koren is probably one of the best outdoor camping and eco camping in Europe.


Kayaking Soca river from the best camping resort

Of course or outdoor camping is very well organized, our resort is excellent. But what makes us the best eco camping in Europe is the stunning nature surrounding us that is simply monumental. It is pristine and unspoiled. In such environment outdoor camping is really an experience to cherish. In addition kayaking Soca river offers some breathtaking view and the color of the river sometimes convinces a person that he found himself in a fairy tale.

Kayaking Soca river valleyKayaking Soca river Europe

Outdoor activities for kids are an important part of the holiday

We believe that kids are something special that is why we have not forgotten to organize outdoor activities for kids within the premises of our outdoor camping. Every year in our resort we come up with some new outdoor activities for kids and outdoor activities for adults. Kayaking Soca river is only one of our outdoor activities for kids and grown-ups you can experience while staying at our resort.