Yoga vacations and spiritual retreats

Sometimes instead of the usual touristy vacations one needs a few days of relaxation for the body and the soul: a yoga vacation at a spiritual retreat. In our yoga hotel you will be able to bring your mind, heart, soul and body back into balance, all with the help of our trained and highly-educated yoga instructors. It doesn’t matter how experienced at yoga you are, our hotel yoga staff will make sure to bring the exercise to your level.

Yoga vacationsYoga hotel offering holistic holidays

Your yoga vacation at family-owned Hotel Kristal can be complemented by different holistic treatments, specifically massages and therapies in our Ayurveda hospital and wellness retreat. For a thorough cleanse of the body, a yoga on vacation alone might not be enough. We offer single treatments as well as whole seven- or fourteen-day Panchakarma programs, which will transform your yoga vacation into a proper ayurvedic cleanse, spiritually, emotionally as well as physically. At our yoga hotel you will be able to excrete toxins build-up inside your organism, free your mind of burdens brought on by the stresses of a fast-paced modern lifestyle at this spiritual retreat and walk out of your halls feeling like a new person.

A spiritual retreat must not be confined to a yoga hotel

If you wish, you can also take advantage of the hotel’s beautiful and tourist-friendly surroundings. Expand your yoga vacations with hiking trips in almost untouched nature, drive a mere few hours the seaside, the capital city, literally any part of the country. Take in the sights, sounds, smells and tastes, then return to your yoga hotel and continue your yoga vacation, incorporating your new experiences in your exercise and meditation. You will return home with an open heart and mind, and with new stories to share with your loved ones.

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