Yoga vacations in a hotel - Hotel Kristal from Slovenia invites you

In the recent years yoga has become a popular way of keeping up ones fitness and with this yoga vacations in a hotel as well. People in search of rest and relaxation are looking towards yoga spa retreats in hopes of receiving much needed relief from their daily worries. If you’re in search of a yoga weekend retreat, or are even considering making your entire vacation a yoga vacation in a hotel, Hotel Kristal, the Slovenian yoga getaway spot has everything you need.

Yoga weekend retreatsYoga weekend retreats for a mini spa vacation

Sometime all our organism needs is a couple of days of pampering and relaxation for the body as well as the mind. If you book a yoga weekend at our yoga and meditation retreat, you will be able to take advantage of our entire roster of services pertaining to yoga and Ayurveda. You may want to take part in some of our yoga classes, which at our yoga spa retreat are only performed by trained professionals vetted not only for their credentials but also their pristine personalities. Under their watchful eye and careful instruction, which will of course take into consideration your experience and physical capabilities, you will be able to bring your mind and soul into balance again. A yoga vacation at our hotel, even if it turns out to be only a weekend yoga retreat, will have you return home renewed, refreshed and with a revitalized look on life.

Yoga spa retreat in combination with Ayurveda

If you however do have the time and decide to make your yoga vacation in our hotel a longer stay, you will be able to take advantage of an even greater range of activities and even treatments. We suggest to all of our customers who are already taking advantage of the yoga spa retreat part of our hotel, to also consider booking a few Ayurveda treatments as well. Our Ayurveda hospital is hosts to one of the leading specialists in ayurvedic treatments from Hungary, which is ideal if you have any kind of problems traditional medicine just doesn’t seem to lift. However, our yoga spa retreat also offers more easygoing treatments, like hot massages, which are great for anyone. If nothing else, the combination of soothing touch, music and relaxation will make your yoga vacation in our hotel a memorable one.

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