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Yoga and meditation retreats in Slovenia

Yoga and meditation retreats are not overly common in Slovenia, which is all the more reason to take advantage of Hotel Kristal’s offer to spend your health holidays in our yoga getaway, an all-inclusive hotel hidden away from the bustle of everyday life amidst untouched nature. With the help of our in-house yoga staff you will be able to forget your everyday worries for however long you decide to stay with us, bring your being into harmony and return home refreshed and with new vigor.

Yoga and meditation retreatsYoga getaways and ayurvedic holidays

Yoga and meditation retreats are a wonderful idea in itself, but why not combine them with another type of health holidays: ayurvedic holidays. When it comes to bringing balance back into one’s life, exercise and meditation are a good start, but one also needs to cleanse the body and mind. Our yoga and meditation retreat allows you just that. In addition to yoga and meditation classes under the guidance of our highly-educated yoga instructors, your yoga getaway can be complemented by our Ayurveda treatments. Make your holiday a proper health holiday with our wide assortment of Ayurveda massages and therapies.

Holistic health holidays

As mentioned before, our yoga and meditation retreat offers more than just classes in these disciplines. We are actually very proud of our in-house holistic hospital, which invites you to try its treatments or even book a seven- or fourteen-day Ayurveda Panchakarma program. After careful analysis by our Ayurveda specialists, you will receive a meal plan, exercise program and treatment schedule tailored to your current state and capabilities. We can assure you, you will leave our yoga and meditation retreat feeling like a new person and armed with the necessary knowledge how to continue using what you’ve learned in your everyday life. Yoga getaways like these are not soon forgotten, and we welcome you to return whenever you feel the need for an all-around holistic holiday.

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