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Yoga spa retreat in Slovenia

Our yoga spa retreat is exactly what it sounds like: a retreat for you and your family, where you can take advantage of the peaceful location and clear your body and soul of any ballast your everyday might have brought upon you. Our highly-educated yoga instructors will guide you through the process, if you book a yoga weekend spa retreat at Hotel Kristal.

Yoga spa retreatYoga weekend retreats if you need a short break

Booking a yoga weekend retreat at our yoga spa retreat provides you with a welcome break from your weekday duties. Visit Hotel Kristal and leave your worries behind for the weekend. Our hotel provides yoga classes for all experience levels, under the careful instruction of one of our hotel staff yoga professionals. You will work with them to free your body, soul, heart and mind of any blockades that are brought upon by the stressful modern lifestyle and, in combination with our in-house Ayurveda treatments and massages, will work on restoring balance to you entire being. After the yoga weekend retreat at our yoga spa retreat you will return to your everyday life renewed, spiritually, emotionally and physically, with the knowledge how to prevent repeating the same mistakes.

Hotel offering yoga classes

If you decide to book a yoga spa retreat at our hotel, whether just for a weekend spa retreat or for a full fourteen-day Panchakarma program, you can be sure to receive the best instruction of yoga our hotel has to offer. The four yoga disciplines - karma, bhakti, jnana and hatha - will help you regain balance in life and make your yoga spa retreat one you will gladly remember. No matter your skill level, our hotel yoga will be tailored to your experience and capabilities.

Visit Hotel Kristal for a relaxing yoga spa retreat, wellness retreat or ayurvedic holidays amidst untouched nature.

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