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Hotel gallery for lovers of fine art

At Hotel Kristal, a family-run business, we’re very proud of our hotel gallery, which consists of artwork from visitors deciding to take part in painting workshops we call art colonies. If you’re taking part in art classes for adults or are just generally an art connoisseur, we invite you to visit our hotel gallery and its growing selection of exhibition pieces.

Painting workshops known as art colonies

Our art colony is a program for artists from all around the globe to visit our hotel, take an artistic vacation of sorts and let their creativity loose, no matter their medium. This year we hosted the sixth annual art colony already and we’re proud to exhibit these creations in our very own hotel gallery.

The way the program works is, we invite international artists to come to Hotel Kristal for a six-day painting workshop of sorts, their accommodation, food and drink are on the house, the only thing we require in exchange is the pick of one of the pieces they produce while staying with us, to keep in our hotel gallery. We arrange for an exhibit before the artists leave, as well as a little banquet in their honor (which includes our handmade chocolate) and provide them with a catalogue of the painting workshop’s creations.

Art classes for adults - let your creativity flow

Our hotel gallery can also serve others as a source of inspiration. Seeing other artists’ work can trigger something inside a person, whether they’re a professional themselves of just part of an art class for adults. We invite you to visit Hotel Kristal if you’re an art lover yourself. With six years’ worth of creations from our painting workshop exhibited at our hotel gallery, it is by no means small. Maybe it’ll be just the thing you need to break out of your artist’s block.

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