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The best fly fishing in Slovenia, for fly fishing trips and fly fishing holidays

The best fly fishing in Slovenia is found near Lake Bohinj, where our hotel is situated. The nearby lakes and rivers bring the best opportunities for exploring and fishing; with its incredible density and variety of locations that could accommodate fly fishing trips, Slovenia stands out like no other country. Almost the whole year around one can find an abundance of the best fly fishing in Slovenia. The fly fishing season in Slovenia starts in March for trout and grayling, and lasts up to the middle of November. For Danube Salmon, the fly fishing season in Slovenia is from November until February. We can offer fully arranged fly fishing trips anywhere in Slovenia. We also offer exclusive holidays for Slovenian fly fishing.

Perfect location of our hotel

fly fishing slovenia With our hotel at a minimum distance from the best waters in Slovenia, we are situated perfectly for those looking to go on fly fishing trips or fly fishing holidays. We have heard many times from our guests that the best fly fishing they encountered was here in Slovenia, around Lake Bohinj. An abundance of locations with pristine water quality and staggering surroundings is why in Slovenia you can find the best fly fishing. We had the best Slovenian fly fishers staying over at our comfortable hotel, resting from an amazing fly fishing trip during the day. The area offers many outdoor activities depending on the season, year round we offer some of the best accommodation and cuisine the region can offer. When staying at our Slovenian hotel we ensure you’ll find a satisfying fly fishing trip or holiday. We kindly welcome you in Hotel Kristal for the best fly fishing in Slovenia.


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