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Slovenian accommodation - from dorms to hotels

If you’re spending your holiday in Slovenia and deciding on where to stay, let us make your decision a little bit easier. In terms of accessibility of any sights, it doesn’t really matter where in Slovenia your accommodation is. The country is so small (barely reaching twenty-one square kilometers in overall area) that you can drive between the two furthest points in the country in a mere few hours. This also means that wherever in Slovenia your accommodation is, you will definitely be able to reach any tourist spots and take part in activities all around the country, having to only wake up a couple of hours earlier if you’re not staying in the immediate vicinity.

Slovenia accommodation
You dream holiday in Slovenia

Whether you’re a single backpacker traveling around the globe on a budget, or you’re going on an all-inclusive family vacation in Slovenia with your whole brood, you will definitely find the perfect accommodation in Slovenia. Be it a multi-bed dorm room, a cheap apartment in a detached house or a plushy hotel suite, you can spend your holiday in Slovenia as comfortable as you want. You can choose to stay in one of the luxury hotels, for example in our very own Hotel Kristal in the Gorenjska region, combining your vacation accommodation in Slovenia with the relaxation of an Ayurveda retreat.

Vacation in Slovenia and return home a new person

As we’ve mentioned before, our own in-house Ayurveda wellness and hospital offers an array of treatments, all in accordance with traditional Ayurveda. If you decide to spend your holiday in Slovenia, why not take advantage of our in-house ayurvedic massages, therapies and yoga sessions and book your accommodation in Slovenia with us. Take part in our Panchakarma programs and spend your vacation in Slovenia cleansing your body and soul of unnecessary ballast. You will have spent your holiday in Slovenia ridding yourself of negative energies and toxins, and will return refreshed and with a new view on life.

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