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Fly fishing hotel in Slovenia for the passionate fisherman

Fly fishing hotels in Slovenia are not plenty. We decided to become also a fly fishing Slovenian hotel because we want to offer our guests as much different possibilities to enjoy their vacation. Fishing vacation in Slovenia is only one of really good options.

Fly fishing hotel in SloveniaFly fishing hotel in Slovenia surrounded by the most beautiful nature

Fishing vacation in Slovenia is a very smart decision because the nature here is stunning. Many people believe that there are some spots there where human foot has never stepped before. Due to low number of inhabitants and low number of villages and towns you can experience nature as it has been centuries ago. The air is pure and the nature is free of waste and excessive construction. Therefore this is a perfect spot for Slovenian fishing holidays. In addition, fishing vacation in Slovenia will make you happy because you will surely catch a lot of fish here.

Slovenian fishing holidays for a good catch

In lake Bohinj fishing is rich therefore lake Bohinj accommodation is famous for fishermen. The neighboring rivers offer also one of the richest fly fishing in Slovenia. One of the best fly fishing Slovenian accommodations is in our fly fishing Slovenian hotel. Therefore, if you are considering fishing vacation in Slovenia, you are the most welcome in our fly fishing Slovenian hotel.

Fishing vacation in Slovenia is rich with fish

If you are a keen fisherman and you love to catch a lot of fish you really should come to our fly fishing hotel in Slovenia. Slovenian fishing holidays are very popular because all the fishermen catch enough fish so that they are happy with their catch. Enjoy what Slovenian nature offers during your Slovenian fishing holidays. Experience lake Bohinj fishing or fly fishing in Slovenia in one of the richest rivers. Slovenian fishing holidays are the best options for all kinds of fishermen.