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Local healthy restaurants using locally grown produce

Bringing fresh and healthy food to our visitors is one of the prerogatives of the family business Hotel Kristal. Our two local healthy restaurants offer you a wide variety of dishes, all made from locally grown produce. We support the local organic farms and in return we receive fresh and healthy food without unnecessary chemical treatments, like the use of pesticides and the like.

Locally grown produce means richer tasting dishes

Both of our local healthy restaurants offer you a variety of international and local dishes, as well as high quality wines to complement them. You can treat yourself to goose breast on a bed of Bohinj cottage cheese, the chef’s special venison, brown trout prepared in different ways, homemade buckwheat and cheese dumplings and much more. All of our food is made with the freshest locally grown produce. If you’re on a diet or a vegetarian, don’t hesitate to inform us, we will make sure you won’t have to pick at your food out of fear of weight-gain or meat. If you have a sweet tooth, be sure to try our handmade chocolate products as well!

Fresh and healthy food is a key point when vacationing

Local healthy restaurantsWhen visiting another country or even just another province as a tourist, one of the big draws for most people is the local cuisine. One surely wishes to partake in what the locals deem the best in terms of food. What makes the dishes often even more distinctive is the use of locally grown produce. Local healthy restaurants take advantage of the fresh and healthy food the surrounding farms provide and incorporate them into healthy and scrumptious dishes. Our local healthy restaurant is no exception. What we believe makes our food taste all the more divine is the use of locally grown produce. Not treated with pesticides, the ingredients are safer to use and, while not traditionally pleasing to the eye, convince you in the end with a much richer and fuller taste, compared to the cheaper imported goods.

Come and visit our two local healthy restaurants, for an a la carte experience or book catering for your company. We will cater to your every culinary need with international and local dishes, prepared with fresh and healthy food from locally grown produce.

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