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Health holidays in Slovenia

Health holidays are becoming a much more common occurrence in this day and age, where every day work and personal life tend to put a lot of strain on a person, physically, mentally and spiritually. This is why at Hotel Kristal you can treat yourself to holistic holidays, which in essence means the health holidays will not focus on one particular part of your being, but will be spread out over its entirety, encompassing all aspects mentioned before.

So how exactly do holistic holidays work?

Atlas therapyHotel Kristal encompasses a variety of different treatments and classes you can attend if you decide to book your health holiday stay with us. We are well-known for our yoga classes and wide range of ayurvedic treatments, which are all of course available to you during your holistic holiday in Slovenia.

The Atlas therapy for example, is one of our specialties. It is a highly effective non-medical therapy, which can eliminate pre-existing pain and problems, as well as their causes, most of the time with only one treatment. If you’re suffering from pains in the neck, shoulders or other joints, are plagues by migraines or dizziness, have trouble breathing or many other issues, Atlas therapy might be just what will make your holistic health holidays a success.

But what about ayurvedic health holidays?

Ayurvedic holidays are another type of health holidays you will want to visit Hotel Kristal for. As you can discern from our website, we offer an enormous amount of different Ayurveda treatments, massages and therapies, to sooth and relax. You can let yourself be pampered by our specialists, who will turn your ayurvedic holiday into a meditation vacation you will never forget.

In combination with one of our yoga classes or even individual sessions, your ayurvedic health holidays will bring mind, body and soul back into balance and allow you to travel and return home feeling rejuvenated and whole. Ayurvedic holidays spent at Hotel Kristal allow you to spend your time cozy in a hotel, without having to leave even once, if you so desire. In the opposite case, the hotel is also situated in one of the most beautiful parts of the country, which we suggest you take your time and explore, if you are able to.

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