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Yoga weekend retreats are healthy and peaceful getaways

Yoga weekend retreats are something special. If you wish to discover your true self and at the same time enjoy your weekends the most, yoga weekend retreats in our yoga hotel are one of the best solutions. According to the experience of our guests so far, your yoga weekend retreats will fill you with peace and inner joy. We are sure you will return to our yoga hotel again and again. Our yoga and meditation retreats are so popular that maybe you will be accompanied by your friends and relatives in your future visits to our yoga hotel. If you are looking for the best yoga and meditation retreats, you should visit our hotel. Not only that we have an outstanding ayurveda wellness and the best fresh and healthy food in our hotel: it is situated in the heart of one of the most beautiful places of pristine and unspoiled nature that Europe can offer. Slovene Alps offer you an amazing experience. Some places have been untouched by human hand for centuries. Nature lovers will never forget their yoga vacations in our hotel: this yoga and spa retreat is the one to remember.

Yoga weekend retreatYoga weekend retreats that are superb and memorable

Yoga weekend retreats or full yoga vacations in our hotel are unforgettable. Our skilled international experts will take care that your yoga and meditation retreats will be full of delight. This yoga and spa retreat will astonish you.

Many of our guests believe we are the best yoga hotel

Maybe the reason is the quality of our amazing yoga and meditation retreats. Maybe people love our beautiful natural environment. Maybe it is our skilled professionals. Those guests who experienced our yoga and meditation retreats believe that our yoga hotel is the best. We are proud to offer yoga weekend retreats that will most probably exceed your expectations.