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Hiking in Slovenia for all ages

Hiking in Slovenia offers all difficulties: from rather low few hundred meter high hills to our highest and mightiest mountain top, Mount Triglav, at an impressive 2864 meters. The majority of the most popular mountaineering and hiking destinations are found in the northern and the north-western part of the country. If you’re looking to spend your hiking vacation in Slovenia and intend to take on a few of the mountains part of one of our three Alpine mountain ranges, we suggest to pick accommodation in relative proximity. You won’t need to spend money transportation toward the foot of the desired mountain, as you will be practically there already. Spend your hiking holidays at Hotel Kristal and take on a different mountain top every day.

Hiking vacations in SloveniaHiking vacations spent hiking the Alps

You can spend your hiking vacations in Slovenia taking on the mountains of one of three ranges the Slovenian Alps have to offer, from lowest to highest respectively: the Karawanks, the Kamnik-Savinja Alps or the Julian Alps. Practically every hill has a mountain cabin somewhere along the path to or at the top, which also provides you with some of the popular traditional mountaineering and hiking cuisine, like golaž, pasulj or assorted sausages with sauerkraut. You can spend your hiking holidays getting to know the local traditions as well.

It needn’t only be hiking holidays in Slovenia

If you wish to go hiking in Slovenia, but don’t want to make your entire stay here a hiking vacation, you can take advantage of the many other activities found in the vicinity of the hotel. Situated fairly close to Lake Bohinj, you can turn your hiking holidays into cycling, swimming, boating, yoga or health holidays instead. If you’re visiting in the winter months and come during very low temperatures, you might even get to ice skate with your family on the surface of the enormous lake, which is known to freeze over completely or at least partially, allowing it to bear the weight of human beings.

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