Quality entrance doors

Entrance doors are made in different styles, materials, colours, textures

Pirnar is a manufacturer of high quality doors which are recognized all over the world. Combination of high quality materials, exclusive design and precise fabrication give astonishing results which are the best entrance doors on the market. Pirnar doors are handmade and because of that every piece is unique. Entrance doors make the first impression about home owners, so they have to consider what kind of doors represent them best. If they want to amaze visitors with uniqueness and immediately gain their attention, the right choice are doors from Pure, Multilevel or Classico collection. On the other hand, if home owners want the visitors to slowly build up the admiration, doors from Premium collection are most suitable for that. Pirnar doors are noticed not only by visitors, but also by real estate agencies and homebuyers. That means Pirnar doors raise the value of house without a big investment. Beside raising the value of house and improving its aesthetic appeal, Pirnar doors also provide safety and comfort. They are truly important part of the house.

Aluminum or wooden doors can also have glass windows which brighten rooms

When it comes to choosing entrance doors for a home, there are many things to consider. First question is contemporary or traditional style? Traditional style doors go very well with older houses or houses which are built with traditional materials like stone or wood. On the other hand, modern style doors are perfect for newly built houses with contemporary design. Next decision is wooden or aluminum doors. Some people prefer look and feel of wood, which is natural material and some people prefer sleek elegant look of aluminum doors. It is a personal preference but doors also have to match whole appearance of the house. Both aluminum and wooden doors can have a window which brightens space with daylight and is a beautiful design element.

Entrance doors with illuminated handles or thresholds are both decorative and practical

Pirnar doors have different illumination options which are decorative and functional. LED lights are installed in retractable handles or in thresholds. This feature is very helpful at night because it illuminates surrounding and makes the entrance by night much more comfortable. Thresholds also nicely illuminate surrounding. The last choice when buying new doors is about their size. Pirnar doors are produced in standard and nonstandard sizes up to 130 x 300 cm. They are the largest doors which are serially produced. They are most suitable for exquisite villas, spacious mansions and all houses will high ceilings.