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A Slovenian wedding can be enchanting and budget-friendly

Slovenian wedding is a more and more popular choice for international couples. A beautiful country in central Europe is ideal for couples who want to say I do in a place with astonishing views. Destination weddings are popular, and the reason for that may not be as romantic as one may think. Planning nuptials abroad is simpler and more affordable than having at-home celebrations. It also tends to be more thrilling and memorable. Having a ceremony abroad ups the excitement and allows you to have an unforgettable day without spending too much. It will ensure you avoid stress and spend some quality time with the ones you love.

When getting married in Slovenia hiring a wedding planner should be your first move. Couples often believe employing a professional is more expensive and an unnecessary cost. However, hiring a planner is beneficial for the budget as she knows the venues and the vendors. Whether you want a wedding in Bled or by the beach - a good organiser will worry about the little details, provide all the paperwork and ensure things run smoothly on the day. This way, planning your big day will be less stressful and with as much input from your family and friends as you want.

Slovenian wedding

Wedding in Bled offers breathtaking views of the lake and surrounding Alps

Getting married in Slovenia offers the couple lots of variety when choosing the wedding venue. A fabulously diverse country has a wide array of venues. They range from traditional and rustic to modern and unique. The most popular ones are in Bled. A wedding in Bled can only be described as breathtaking. The picturesque backdrop consists of towering mountains and snow-covered peaks.

You can have your Slovenian wedding in one of the venues by the shore. They have distinguished and elegant decor with locations for a civil ceremony and a wedding party. Many couples choose Bled because of the castle. A wedding in Bled Castle can be a delightful experience for everyone involved. The mighty castle stands on an eye-catching rock above Lake Bled. You can tie the knot surrounded by incredible views of the Alps, the island and the chapel. The castle offers several historically meaningful rooms, which can be incorporated into your special day.

What can you expect from your wedding planner when getting married in Slovenia?

A Slovenian wedding will be less stressful if you hire a wedding planner. A professional organiser has an in-depth knowledge of the country, the venues, resorts and most importantly - the law. With years of valuable experience, they can impeccably plan your nuptials with meticulous attention to detail. It does not matter if you have your wedding in Bled or anywhere else in the country, the organiser will provide you with support and guidance throughout the process, guaranteeing planning is exhilarating and stress-free. She will assist you with venue selection for a civil ceremony, church service and reception.

The professional organiser will also help you with the necessary paperwork, the translation and handing in of paperwork, and the provision of international marriage certificates. That means your marriage will be valid in your country of residence. To ensure your Slovenian wedding is perfect, the specialist will recommend a reliable wedding service provider - from florists, confectioners, photographers, videographers, musicians, entertainers and even make-up artists and hairdressers.

They will also coordinate with vendors and give them precise information and detailed instructions regarding the timeline. A professional wedding service will guarantee you stay within budget and your nuptials are planned to the last detail. That includes the organisation of accommodation and transport for you and your guests, planning the timeline and protocol of the day, and advice on wedding customs and etiquette.

getting married in Slovenia

Destination ceremony - The etiquette do’s of your Slovenian wedding

Getting married in Slovenia will be the most special occasion in life, so naturally, you want it to go as smoothly as possible - without any distractions or unexpected last-minute complications. To ensure your happily-ever-after will be a perfection, we gathered some do’s about weddings abroad.

You decided to have a Slovenian wedding, and the first question that comes to mind is - Who pays for what? Most of the time, the guests are expected to pay for their plane tickets and accommodation. The exception can be close family members who might not be able to make it without financial help. Everything else (including the activities) is up to the bride and groom.

That is where setting a budget early on comes in handy. It will also help you manage your guest list and keep it nice and short. Make sure to give your guest enough time to plan their travel and other arrangements and to save the date at least ten months or a year in advance. Getting married in Slovenia will be a new and overwhelming experience for everyone, so plan some extra time to make your guests feel welcome.