Hotel Park Ljubljana Hall of fame | The privilege of hosting stars

Hall of fame | Hotel Park in Ljubljana - suitable for international stars

Over the years Hotel Park in the centre of Ljubljana has had the privilege of hosting many different international star artists. Our ‘hall of fame’ is proud to have hosted a number of world famous musicians, actors, dancers and other celebrities. The Park Hotel hall of fame proves that you will be treated like stars here.

Hotel Park in Ljubljana | Rooms and accommodation worthy of hall of fame

Hotel hall of fame is merely a great way of showing our potential guests that we can satisfy even the most exquisite tastes. Hotel Park in the centre of Ljubljana has got 198 rooms, ranging from standard, to superior rooms and suites. Click hall of fame on our website and check, which famous people have been so satisfied with Hotel Park that they choose to stay here every time they visit Ljubljana.

Hotel hall of fame | Reach for the stars and come to Hotel Park

Our hall of fame includes many international stars. We are proud to say that Blaze Bayley stayed at Hotel Park when he performed in Ljubljana. Doesn’t ring a bell? Until 1999 he was the singer in one of the most famous heavy metal bands Iron Maiden. Park Hotel hall of fame also includes many famous actors, dancers, musicians and other artists. But do not have doubts: our treatment is not only for the members of our hall of fame. We treat all our guests with utmost respect and try to comply with all their wishes.

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