Easy food preparation and outstanding flavours of food prepared in the Kopaovens

With Kopaoven products one can prepare fantastic dishes that will blow the minds of even the most demanding guests. Grilling in the Kopaoven is faster and more efficient as well as manageable. The whole cooking process will become more organized with the use of Kopaoven grill and food prepared in oven manufactured by Kopa will taste just delicious.

Wide range of food that can be prepared in Kopa charcoal oven grill

Kopaoven combines grill and charcoal oven which provides food prepared in the oven with delicious smoky aroma, desired when grilling. The temperature in oven is kept constantly high, helping the cook to quickly prepare meat, fish and vegetables that taste excellent, but Kopaoven is not only suitable for cooking meat and fish, but also for baking pizzas, flatbread and even making dishes in pans.

Kopaovens are easily operated and are designed for a safe cooking

When starting a fire in the Kopa grill charcoal oven, the heat is simply regulated which helps maintaining constant level of quality in the restaurant. The temperature is regulated with the two hatches. When igniting the kindling one must open both hatches, after the desired temperature is reached, the bottom vent should be closed and the temperature is regulated with the upper one. With this easy system, one can easily and constantly monitor the temperature with the gauge on the oven door, which leads to perfectly medium rear cooked steaks, moist and delicious baked fish or other perfectly cooked foods.

In a busy kitchen with long working hours, opening and closing the oven door is not just a detail. Kopaoven developed a special system that allows the cook to open and close the door safely with only one finger. The insulation not only significantly reduces heath risk, but it also prevents heating of the surrounding area. The cook is spared unbearable heat, reducing and stress is reduced and consequently helping him to concentrate on preparing food.

Are you still thinking about buying a now oven for your restaurant? There are various ovens available in Kopa. Furthermore, ovens are easily incorporated into the kitchen due to the wide range of colour a customer can choose from. In case of any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to provide additional information about our products.