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High tip bucket made according to your needs

light material bucketA high tip bucket enables a much higher dump height. Meanwhile a light material bucket is specially designed to be maximum efficient in case of loading light materials. In comparison to regular material operating buckets, the capability of a high tip bucket in height is substantial. A high tip bucket is outstanding when loading trucks or feeding compactor machines. Alternatively, a high tip bucket is very useful when a machine operator is working in the pile. Our enterprise manufactures light material buckets, high dump buckets for Volvo, and side tipping buckets. In addition, we overhaul Meyco Suprema and Meyco Potenza shotcrete machines. Overhauling procedure is extremely beneficial: we turn an old battered machine into a piece of machinery which is as useful as a new machine. Thanks to our overhauling customers can purchase an outstanding machine for a much lesser price in comparison to new machines. On the other hand, our high dump bucket production enables customers to order bucket with specifically desired characteristics.

High tip buckets for various wheel loaders

A high tip bucket is very handy due to its capacity of being hydraulically lifted from a built-in frame. Lifting cylinders are attached on sides or in the middle of the bucket. Height of a lift of our high dump buckets for Volvo is in-between 4 m to 7 m. Dump height depends on that which type of the bucket we are dealing with. Our high dump bucket production is customs made. Therefore, you can demand the desired characteristics of the bucket you order.

High tip bucket

Light material bucket for greater efficiency

A light material bucket is recommendable when loading light, loosely packed materials. By a light material bucket you efficiently handle low density materials, such as wood chips, mulch, fertilizer, dry topsoil, snow and livestock feed. Our side tipping buckets are also efficient in loading hay or coal. More information on our website: