High dump tip bucket for sale! Suitable for every loader

High tip bucket for sale according to your own custom dimensions! At Belavto, we are leading innovators and producers of attachments for Volvo construction machinery. Our years of passionate work with leading producers and innovators in the area has led to the development of a high and side dump buckets that can be produced in different sizes and capacities. Some of the advantages of our high tip buckets for sale include:

  • Suitable for all kinds of loaders
  • Various sizes and capacities according to your own wishes
  • Tunnelling buckets for wheel loaders
  • Very high capacity for handling lowest density materials such as snow, wood, chips and so on

Offering top-quality high dump tip buckets for sale

Not only are our various side dump buckets available in various dimensions, all this comes at a fair, affordable price. We are based in the heart of Europe in Slovenia and have decades of experience in the field of construction machinery. Apart from high dump buckets and skid steer side dump buckets, we also sell tunnelling equipment and an extensive range of other used machinery and spare parts, as well as offering full, reliable service and machinery rent. Before our high dump tip buckets go on sale, we make sure that they meet the highest standards of health and safety, as well as an outstanding lifespan.

high dump buckethigh tip bucket for sale


High dump tip buckets for sale - why choose us?

Wondering what sets our side dump buckets and other equipment apart? At Belavto we are able to provide you:

  • full customer support based on extensive, first-hand research
  • vast stock available for immediate purchase
  • buckets for all kinds of loaders
  • complete stock for any additional attachments or equipment you might need

For any more questions on high tip buckets for sale with us, we invite you to check out our website or get in touch!