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Electronic manufacturing services offer the best solutions to the customer's problem

Electronic manufacturing services provide a wide array of manufacturing and engineering services in an ever-growing dynamic electronic market. Demand for innovative technological achievements and consumer electronics is growing. Printed circuit board assembly manufacturers have a vital role in offering their experience and industry expertise to ensure their clients with the best solutions for their problems. They must provide them with design, manufacture, test and distribution. Such services are used in various industries, including gambling, automotive, aviation and aerospace, signalisation, consumer electronics and medical.

The engineers and technicians employed at EMS companies specialise in manufacturing processes, product management and quality control. Due to growing demand, EMS has a vast potential for development and partnering with a provider offers numerous advantages. They include a skilled workforce with extensive expertise, reduced investment, enhanced inventory management, boosted efficiency, improved productivity and cost-effective solutions.

One of the paramount services that EMS provide, is printed circuit board assembly capabilities. With flexible solutions, they can adapt quickly to rapid market changes, successfully meet customers’ needs and be a driving force for continuous progress.

Electronic manufacturing services

What are PCB and PCB assembly?

Printed circuit board assembly manufacturer offers printed circuit board assembly as one of the central services. It is an essential link in electronic manufacturing. The PCB or printed circuit board is a crucial component of consumer electronic devices, including ovens, phones, computers, microwaves and refrigerators. It is a bare board mounted with the pieces used for mechanical support and electronic connection.

A printed circuit board with electronic components is called a printed circuit assembly (PCA) or PCB assembly. A rigid structure contains electrical circuitry created of traces (embedded metal surfaces) and planes (larger metal areas). Components are then soldered onto a board and connected to the board circuitry. A PCB can be composed of one, two or even multiple layers of circuitry. They are created using a material with poor electrical conducting properties, such as fiberglass or epoxy resin, which ensure pure circuitry transmission. The other components, such as planes and traces, are usually made of copper.

An indispensable part of electronic manufacturing services is designing a PCB, which happens in two steps - the schematic capture and the PCB layout design. The first step is developing libraries needed for design. They include simulation models, schematic symbols, step models for 3D printed circuit board display and footprints for PCB layout. Once the library or libraries are ready, the creation of the logical representation of the circuitry on a schematic takes place.

The symbols are placed on a schematic sheet by CAD tools and are then connected to form the circuitry. The circuit simulation verifies that the design will work according to plan. With an outline, the layout designer will place the components in the correct locations, and once organised, it is time to connect the nets to the pines by drawing places and traces between the pins. Once the connecting is complete, the design tools create manufacturing drawings.

PCB assembly

PCB assembly is done using precise and complex methods

Electronic manufacturing services guarantee a precise component attachment complying with the high industry standards. PCBA, or printed circuit assembly, is a process in which various components are positioned on the PCB. To ensure electronic circuit pieces undergo a welding process. As any printed circuit board assembly manufacturer will tell you, EMS is developing quickly, affecting the techniques required for PCB assembly.

There are 3 technologies used for the assembly, the third being a combination of the first two. The first technology is Surface mount technology or SMT. This technology consists of placing surface mount devices on the PCB. These components are very sensitive, meaning the temperature reached during soldering and the positioning, must be carefully controlled. The second technology is Through-Hole assembly or THT. It is a traditional technique of printed circuit board assembly.

The components undergoing this method are equipped with two or more terminals to pass through the holes made on the board. Because the welding is done from the side, this technique allows the assembly of bigger components. Electronic manufacturing services often use mixed technology, which has a high level of complexity as it contains a considerable number of components in a restricted space.

Printed circuit board assembly manufacturer offers PCBs for a wide variety of applications

Printed circuit board assembly manufacturer expertise is used in various industries. Gambling is one of them. While gambling is often associated with entertainment and fun, the sloth machines are very complex apparatuses. They include multiple mechanical and electronic devices that make sure the player has a fair chance to win a prize. The gambling industry is worth millions and is continuing to grow in revenue. One of the most crucial economic sectors in the world is the automotive industry.

The PCB assembly is a significant part of digital screens, GPS systems, radars, entertainment systems, lamps, engine control units, and surveillance mirrors, to name a few. The EMS used in the automotive industry must ensure the highest manufacturing and quality standards while meeting increasingly complex demands. Amongst other industries, such as aviation and aerospace, electronic manufacturing services are also used in medicine. They are an essential element of many technological instruments used for conducting research, diagnosing illnesses and providing treatment. PCBs can be found in hospitals, operative beds, medical devices and emergency vehicles.

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