What Role Do Filters Play in Automotives and What Service Does Filc Renders?

Filters play an essential role in today's automobiles and constructions. Overall, over fifty filters in an average passenger car contribute to functions engine performance oil-fuel consumption and the maintenance of the air quality in the cabin.

Automotive filters

Filc is a company that specializes in the production of needle punch textiles and laminated materials as filter media, especially for the automotive and construction industries. They also offer decorative textiles required for headliners, which is up to the standard of all technical requirements set by the automotive industry to fulfill modern designs' teeming demands.

Filc offers a wide range of nonwoven filter services such as:

  • Air filtration

Air filtration is the most commonly adopted technology to get rid of contaminants from an airstream because of its relative flexibility. Filc uses nonwoven filters for airborne particle control. Fibrous (nonwoven) filters are applied more often in workplaces. They consist of a nonwoven network of individual fibers that are randomly and perpendicularly positioned to airflow. The depth of the nonwoven filter collects contaminants, rather than just on its surface.

Filc helps to filter the air in automotive through the following media:

Air cabin filter media is manufactured to increase the quality of air in the cabin area. Also, the filters that constitute this media are necessary for protecting passengers from external influences. They achieve this through a highly efficient activated carbon-based layer that increases the filter efficiency of some gases, following the requirement of customers.

Filc can increase the performance of the filter to a greater level by adding a fine fiber melt-blown layer. As an added benefit on their filter media, they supply chemically provide extra protection with input layers of carbon filter media treated chemically - like antimicrobial treatment or anti-allergenic treatment.

Air filtration for automotive

Air engine filter media they make engine air filters by using a two-player nonwoven material. These Materials comprise mainly of a hundred percent synthetic fiber. This ensures a long-lasting air engine filter. This filter also a good pleating and molding property with the absence of chemical additives. The constituent has a self-extinguish feature, and they do not need any added treatment.

  • Noise insulation

Filc designs nonwoven filters that play an integral part in noise absorption and insulation. Noise insulation is a measure taken to filter out noisy sound waves and prevent them from permeating.

The new nonwoven filters absorb sound waves and transform them into heat energy by the friction between the air near the nonwoven fiber and the nonwoven fiber itself.