Hygiene standards

Hygiene equipment has to accomplish highest sanitation standards

Nieros is a manufacturer of stainless steel equipment for use in different industries. They have been designing and manufacturing hygiene and essential equipment, industrial washers and logistic solutions since 1773. For 245 years they are delivering optimal and cost-effective solutions is a result of constant investment in professional development of employees and in advanced technology. Nieros is offering custom made solutions for reaching high quality standards and time-cost optimization.

All hygiene equipment is made of stainless steel which is strong and durable

Nieros hygiene equipment maintains clean and sterile work environment in every production stage. High level of sanitation is required in different industries, especially in food processing industry. Nieros produces hygiene stations which are designed for washing and disinfecting hands and cleaning footwear of personnel on an entry or exit point of production areas. They are very effective and simple to use. Equipment cleaning is also very important, so Nieros is producing high capacity industrial sterilizers for knife baskets, knifes, axes, saw, washing machines for aprons, washing cabins for uniforms and footwear. All equipment is made of stainless steel so it is durable and easy to clean. Optimal hygiene is achieved with industrial washing machines which are cost effective, they have optimal water consumption, efficient energy use and comply with various standards.

Hygiene standards have to be accomplished in production areas and in warehouses

Logistic solutions which Nieros offers to various industries are intralogistics and material handling processes, which guarantee smooth and optimized material flow. Transport systems can be horizontal or vertical, depending on needs and objective of specific industry. They are chosen based on technology and production process specifics and on size of production area. Another logistic solutions are food processing lines need to be cost and time efficient and ensure smooth material flow through shortest number of phases as possible with minimal food waist. Food processors like red meat, poultry, fish, bakery, fruit and vegetables processing lines are fully customized and are suitable for small or big production capacities. They cover all processing phases like cutting, slicing, deboning, portioning and packaging. Warehouse systems provide quick and easy storage of equipment, which has to be easily tracible and quickly accessible. Storage units are well organized and because of that they are easy to clean. Warehouse systems are gravitational, pick and place and fully automated. Choice of suitable warehouse system depends on available space, storage capacity and products which will be stored. Nieros warehouse systems are made of stainless steel which makes them reliable and long lasting.