Effective drying at low temperatures!

Wood drying kiln Futura

Monitoring and controlling the machine via PC.

Wood drying kiln Futura

The lowest consumption of energy for drying of 1 m3 of wood

Drying machine Futura® requires only electricity (average of 4 kW / h), as with its technique and the technology optimizes the entire process, therefore requires a minimum amount of energy. The total energy consumption of the machine is less than competitive products of comparable size consume just for control and ventilation.

Wood drying kiln Futura

Future purchase allows the customer to immediately start with the drying process with one single investment, without any additional investments in infrastructure, (thermal stations, ...).

Advantages over the competition

Drying machine Futura® allows the input of completely fresh wood, without prior drying and without waiting for a sufficiently low relative humidity level (e.g. months or years of natural drying in fresh air).

Futura® drying machine needs an average of only 4 kW of electricity per hour to operate. For the drying capacity of 10 m3 of wood, the average energy consumption for drying 1 m3 of wood is below 400 W per hour of operation.

Main advantges of drying kiln Futura®

- drying of fresh wood, 90% or more to 8%

- maximized input/output results! - high quality of drying of any kind of wood

- modularity and controlling thru only 1 PC computer

- low energy consumption of 1 m3 of wood up to 400 W/h

- the use of drying kiln immediately after beeing attached to power source

- fully automated drying and shut off

- lathes of stainless steel which construction permits longitudinal draft and drying under the lathes and thus prevents their coloring

- no expensive fresh wood stock because of short drying times

All references to the values in the presentation are relative!