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The advantages of drying machine

Drying process begins with heating of the wood (fresh wood - 90% humidity or more), automatically followed by the next stage, which is a combination of negative pressure condensation-convection drying with partial air exchange and, after achieving the desired final moisture in wood (under 8%) moves to the status of conditioning and cooling. Wood is now ready for immediate processing. We are achieving excellent input/output results especially regarding other drying techniques.

Drying machine achieves high quality of dried wood on wished wood humidity. Its consumption of only electrical energy is very low. Ecologically oriented, water is only side product of drying proces.

Futura® and its charging

Drying machine Futura® has a gross volume of a drying area

16 m3 (580 x 210 x 150 cm) -model TLand

24 m3 (630 x 210 x 200 cm) -TLH model.

Charging is performed by connecting the loading tracks to the drier, loading the trolley with wood of desired dimensions, dry elements in the loading have to be separated by the strips of stainless (patented, thickness of 1.5 cm, inox plate), which construction permits longitudinal draft and drying under the strips and thus prevents their coloring.

Wood drying kiln Futura

Drying is carried out in the completely climate-controlled drying chamber.

Depending on the type, thickness and initial humidity of wood the machine automatically creates and maintains a very precise climate, so the wood dries evenly to the desired final moisture.

Wood drying kiln Futura

Machine Mobility

Wood drying kiln FuturaDrying machine Futura® comes in form of a standard container.

That allows transporting with standard means of container transport, and facilitates the installation or relocation of the machine.

The installation of drying machine does not request a building permit.

Starting and operating of the machine is easy

When the machine is delivered to the user, the user places it on the appropriate, connects it to a power outlet and starts the use following the instructions manual.

Wood drying kiln Futura

Machine modularity

With more units of the drying equipment Futura we could satisfy the growing need for dry wood and at the same time allow the user to dry various types and sizes of wood, a small storage area and allow greater flexibility in the current needs for further processing or sale for the market.

Wood drying kiln Futura

The user determines the type, thickness, and the required final moisture of wood by using the included software; everything else is done automatically.

The drying machine contains the built-in control computer. It executes our algorithms and recipes. It is very important that the machine automatically adjusts to the current state of moisture in the wood, so the possibility of drying the wood does not depend on its initial humidity.

The main advantage, of course, is drying of fresh wood, with 90% humidity or higher!

Communication and control of a significant number of drying equipment (in the drying center) can be provided only through 1 computer (PC).

All references to the values in the presentation are relative!