Luxury entry doors Pirnar

Luxury entry doors Pirnar are the result of many years of development not only in the design department but also regarding the luxury exterior door hardware. What started as a small family business in 1968, soon grew into a company with almost 200 hundred employees and we sell our luxury home entry doors to customers all over the world. Without being too confident, we can say that our luxury entry doors are among the most admired on the market and we can prove this with the first price German design award, which we were granted in 2017.

Luxury entry doors by Pirnar

The innovativeness of Pirnar luxury home entry doors

Luxury home entry doors are not popular just because they are stunningly beautiful and unique, they also prevail in the innovative department. At the company Pirnar we were the first ones to develop a multilevel-design for our luxury entry doors, first to create an entirely flat luxury home entry doors (which means the handle, lock and other elements of the luxury entry doors are at the same level). The company Pirnar was also a leading force in the developing of the aluminum luxury entry doors of extreme dimensions and the insulation of our luxury home entry doors supersedes all other rivals. Our latest innovation is OneTouch luxury entry door with automated pull-out and pull-in handle. OneTouch luxury entry door system means, that when the owner unlocks the door, using our hidden fingerprint reader, the handle pulls out smoothly and automatically. Upon closing the luxury home entry doors, the handle “disappears” once again and uninvited guest have no way to manipulate their entry. The system is not only visually appealing, but also very safe.

Luxury entry doors - how to choose?

The choice among our Pirnar entry doors for luxury homes is surely not simple. There are several unique, beautiful and different options, but each door can be custom made to suit your needs. Your luxury custom entry doors will show, that you’ve chosen the luxury entry doors with consideration and will also raise the value of your home. You can choose between single doors and luxury double entry doors, we offer options with invisible handles or uniquely designed handles and each element can be individually adapted to suit your needs. If you can’t decide, which luxury home entry doors to choose, we’d be happy to help. Send us the picture of your home and our designers will suggest several extraordinary luxury entry doors, best suited for your style.


Luxury home entry doors Pirnar