Luxury exterior doors - emphasize the beauty of your home

Luxury exterior doors should give character to the building. They immediately send the message to the visitors and tell them that they are entering a beautiful, well considered and loved home. Pirnar luxury exterior front doors are handmade and thus as versatile as you’d like them to be. You can choose among many modern or more traditional luxury exterior doors for home, which will suit your style, you can decide for luxury exterior double doors or single ones, hidden handles and fingerprint readers, night illumination and unique smooth surface. The goal of the Pirnar luxury exterior doors is to create a grand sense of arrival, and our awarded design has no doubt succeed in that. Take a tour among our stunning luxury exterior doors and do not hesitate to contact us if you have special requests and wishes.

Luxury exterior doors Pirnar
Luxury exterior front doors - leaving outside world outside

Luxury exterior doors represent the first contact between your home and the outside world. As such, your luxury exterior front doors will not only greet the visitors and create the right circumstances for the impact you’d like to make, but also define your feeling of safety. Our luxury exterior door hardware will make sure, that when you close the door, you’ll feel completely safe. Pirnar luxury exterior doors are not only breathtakingly beautiful, they are also exceptionally well crafted and strong. So upon locking our luxury exterior front doors, you actually leave the outside world behind you.

Luxury exterior doors for the lasting first impression

Luxury exterior front doors are the first thing we see when we approach a house or an apartment. Because we all want the first impression of our home to be good, it’s not all the same what kind of doors we choose. Pirnar luxury exterior doors will most definitely make the first impression count - award winning design, sturdy and save luxury exterior door hardware, specially designed handles, eye-catching surface. Pirnar luxury exterior doors express simplicity and complexity at the same time, which is only possible, because we’ve invested years of development and consideration in each door. Our luxury exterior doors are true examples of craftsmanship, each is a masterpiece by itself, created with love and unprecedented skill. You can feel and see the masterly work of our employees and no other door will make you feel more safe than our luxury exterior (double) doors.


Luxury exterior front doors Pirnar