Our aluminium entrance doors are handmade with perfection

Our Pirnar aluminium entrance doors have modern and sleek design. They are handcrafted masterpieces which are an exceptional decoration and advanced safety feature for the entrance of your modern home. Pirnar aluminium modern entrance doors are made of high quality materials with precision and accuracy in manufacturing. You have almost endless options when it comes to designing your prestige modern aluminium entrance doors. Our Pirnar aluminium modern entrance doors are pure perfection which is felt every time when you touch your exquisite aluminium modern entrance doors. We offer Ultimum and Premium lines of Pirnar aluminium modern entrance doors.

We offer many models of aluminium entrance doors which can be customized

Pirnar contemporary entrance doors are made of aluminium, wood or combination of both. We offer modern aluminium entrance doors designs and traditional entrance doors designs. First decide on the model that suits your taste and needs, then choose material from which your new luxurious entrance doors will be made. You have to choose many more modern features like type of entrance door handle, illumination options, safety features and much more. Pirnar aluminium and wooden entrance doors are customized to all your demands.

Aluminium entrance doors provide excellent safety and exquisite aesthetic look

Latest supreme addition to our collection are Pirnar Ulitimum Pure unique aluminium entrance modern doors with One touch system which are winners of German Design Awards 2017. The residential aluminium entry doors have hidden modern door handle so only home owners can open them. One touch system works on modern fingerprint recognition principle. When residents of home which has Pirnar aluminium modern entrance doors installed identify with fingerprint, handle deploys elegantly and illuminates nearby area while aluminium modern entrance door unlocks itself. After a while fingerprint recognition system One touch hides into sophisticated aluminium surface with no visible entrance door handle and they automatically lock. That way Pirnar aluminium modern entrance doors turn away unwanted visitors because they can`t be manipulated in any way. It is obvious from distance that aluminium modern entrance doors are locked and that home is safe and secure. Pirnar aluminium contemporary entrance doors are completely independent of power supply and they have unique mechanism which ensures that door handle withdraws securely without possibility of trapping fingers. Some aluminium models in Pure collection have handles with LED illumination and threshold illumination as well. The lightening is discrete and subtle but serves its purpose very well. Pirnar Ultimum Multilevel collection of aluminium modern entrance doors have aluminium combined with ESG glass which rounds off contemporary sleek design.


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