Contemporary exterior doors for modern homes

Contemporary exterior doors Pirnar are a product of thoughtful consideration and stunning design, which will draw attention, no matter the model you choose. Our aluminium contemporary entrance doors are exceptionally strong and effectively keep the uninvited guests away. However, with Pirnar contemporary exterior doors for home you don’t need to choose between feeling safe in your home and feeling proud of the beauty, which was made just for you. Each contemporary exterior door is handmade, safe and perfect, at the same time they are designed to appeal our visual sense, too.

Contemporary exterior entry doors Pirnar

Why do contemporary exterior doors Pirnar stand out?

If you have special requests or wishes, we can oblige. There are several beautiful models of contemporary exterior door to choose from, but we can easily add your personal touch, if you have additional demands.

We offer aluminium contemporary entrance doors with glass addition and you can choose among several colours, single or luxury exterior double doors, but the truly unique part of Pirnar contemporary exterior doors are the innovative elements, uniquely designed for our door. Choose “hidden” handle of the OneTouch aluminium contemporary entrance doors, which automatically pulls out when the hidden fingerprint reader recognizes the owner, or entirely flat contemporary exterior doors, where all the elements are in the same level. If you’re looking for large contemporary exterior doors, you came to the right place. At Pirnar we were the first to serially manufacture aluminium contemporary entrance doors of exceptionally large dimensions. All our achievements include clean lines, neat looks and distinctive style, immediately recognizable all over the world.

Why choose our aluminium contemporary entrance doors?

Pirnar contemporary exterior entry doors are different in the best possible way. They are a result of long family business tradition, which was soon recognized all over the world, so that today our business expands to all the corners of the world. We don’t just manufacture doors, we create masterpieces with each individual project we start. Pirnar aluminium contemporary entrance doors stand out because of their innovative design and elements, at the same time they offer an unpreceded feeling of safety - and the customers all over the world cherish this exceptional combination of beauty and security. When you close and lock Pirnar contemporary exterior doors, you can leave all your worries behind and sleep safely, knowing no one can enter without your permission. Need more convincing? Contact our professional and friendly team, and they will answer all your questions regarding our state-of-the art contemporary exterior doors.



Contemporary exterior doors Pirnar