Cost of parquet flooring installation is lower if you do it on your own

Parquet flooring installation is a process which is not very complicated but it still requires basic knowledge and experiences. If you don't know how to install parquet wood flooring, it is best you leave the job to professionals. Investment in parquet flooring is quite considerable, to avoid additional costs, it is best that installation is done professionally. If you decide to install parquet flooring on your own, you will certainly have lower installation costs. Professional installation service costs more, but you have a guarantee for lasting floors. You can lower costs of professional installation by doing some of work like removing old flooring and underlayment, preparing underfloor for new installation, by your own. Professional use high grade glues and other supplies which cost more than supplies for private use. If you still decide to install parquet flooring on your own, we advise you to choose engineered parquet flooring. Engineered parquet usually comes prevarnished so it requires less work. Parquet flooring installation cost is not high if we consider life span of floors and added value which parquet gives to your home.

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Parquet flooring installation can cost a lot if it is done by professionals

Installation of parquet flooring can be done with floating method. Underfloor has to be correctly prepared for installation which guarantees best and long lasting results. Surface has to be clean, dry and levelled. This method requires use of good quality underlayment. With floating method, parquet flooring can be installed on all surfaces. There are many underlayment which are suitable for different subfloors. Foam is most commonly used underlayment and is very cost effective. Foam is easy to work with but it has to be handled with great care and precision. Foam underlayment is very thin and it can easily get damaged during installation. If damage occurs, cost effective foam loses its function as protective barrier. Rubber underlayment is the best choice for installation in humid rooms. It costs more than foam but it has better protective functions. Cork underlayment is very good sound insulator and is used in buildings with many apartments.

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You can lower cost of professional parquet flooring installation if you prepare the surface

Parquet flooring can be installed with classic method which requires use of glue. Underfloor has to be correctly prepared for installation of parquet flooring. When surface is dry, clean and levelled, glue can be applied. Then parquet panels are laid on glue with proper pressure. Parquet flooring can be laid in beautiful patterns which enhance look of every room. Parquet flooring installation cost of gluing method is quite high but it offers best long lasting results. After installation is completed and glue is dry, parquet flooring has to be sanded. Sanding is done with special machine which is very cost effective considering work that it does. After sanding, comes lacquering or oiling, depending which finished look you prefer. In long term aspect maintenance of oiled parquet flooring costs less that maintenance of lacquered parquet.

If you don't do the installation properly, it can cost a lot to repair it

In our assortment we have many types of high quality parquet flooring. We have more than 480 variations of parquet flooring so we are sure you will find the one which will suit your demands. Brands which we represent have different low cost and high cost collections of parquet flooring suitable for private and public use. Lower cost flooring is usually used for homes in which wear is not so heavy like it is in public buildings. In offices, schools, museums and other facilities, we recommend use of higher cost parquet flooring which is more durable and resistant. We also have broad variety of different decors and surface textures. You can choose among different surface finishes like lacquered or oiled. Surface textures of our parquet flooring are brushed, hand scraped, sawn and sanded.

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