Designing ideas for rooms are realized with colourful parquet flooring

Beautiful parquet flooring patterns can be created with parquet tiles in one colour or in different colours. We offer parquet flooring in many colours which range from light to dark. There are more than 480 variations of parquet flooring you can choose from, so many designing ideas can be achieved. Different pattern ideas can be created with different sizes of parquet tiles. Creating different patterns is very demanding process, so we recommend to hire professionals to do the job. They can also suggest designing ideas you might like. If parquet flooring in different patterns is not installed correctly, many problems can occur later on. Parquet flooring in different patterns can be installed with two installation methods. Floating method saves a lot of time because it is done without use of glue which means there is no waiting for glue to dry. Second method includes glue which is used to glue down parquet flooring tiles.

parquet flooringparquet flooring

Parquet flooring in medium colour is suitable for traditional or modern designing ideas

Many designing ideas can be realized with colourful parquet flooring. If you have an idea to create traditional appearance of room, it is best to use dark coloured parquet flooring. You should combine dark parquet flooring with light furniture and light walls. Designing ideas with dark parquet flooring work best in rooms with plenty of natural or artificial lighting. If your idea is to achieve modern look of room, we recommend use of light coloured parquet flooring and dark furniture. Contrast which is created is very appealing and can be used for evolving many other designing ideas for the room. Medium coloured parquet flooring is suitable for realization of all designing ideas because it is so versatile. It harmonizes well with furniture and walls in all colours. Parquet flooring ideas are almost limitless if it is available in so many colours and types of tiles.


Different patterns of parquet flooring are perfect for achieving various designing ideas

Most common parquet flooring patterns are herringbone, chevron, basketwave, brick and hexagon which are great for many designing ideas. Herringbone pattern is made of rectangular shaped tiles which are laid together at 90° angle. The zig zag pattern which is created resembles fish bones. There is also an option of double herringbone pattern which looks best if it is created with tiles in different colours. It is usually used for traditional designing ideas. Chevron pattern looks very much like herringbone pattern, the difference is in shape of tiles. They are cut at an angle so they form very arrow pattern when they are laid together. Chevron pattern is also commonly used for traditional designing ideas. Basketwave pattern is suitable for all kinds of designing ideas, from traditional to modern. This pattern can be installed parallel or diagonal to walls. Basketwave pattern is composed of tiles which are laid together in vertical and horizontal way to form beautiful square shapes. Brick pattern is most commonly used to accomplish modern designing ideas. For brick pattern small tiles or big planks can be used. The idea is to use small tiles in smaller rooms and big planks in vast spacious rooms. Hexagon pattern is quite complicated to install. Parquet tiles are laid in all different positions to form stunning hexagon shapes which are perfect for many designing ideas.

Thickness of parquet flooring determines how many times it can be renewed

Durability and stability depends on how thick is parquet flooring. Our parquet ranges from 14-20 mm. Thicker parquet flooring can be renewed many times which prolongs its life span. It is also more stable than thin parquet flooring and regulates temperature better. Because parquet flooring is made of natural material, it adapts to temperature changes. It is cool in the summer and warm in the winter so it is a kind of natural floor temperature regulator.