We sell hardwood and softwood parquet flooring which is very durable

Parquet hardwood flooring which we have in our sales program is sourced from all around the world. We have very high standards so we choose suppliers carefully. Our parquet hardwood and softwood flooring has to be made from best quality material. We also strive for suppliers which use sustainable materials and use renewable sources of energy. High end machines produce uniformed parquet planks which fit together perfectly. Wood species which are used for our flooring are oak, maple, pine, beech, walnut, larch, bamboo, teak and others. Hardwood and softwood parquet is available in many beautiful colours, surface textures, surface finishes, thicknesses and sizes of planks.

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Pine parquet flooring is becoming very popular among our clients

Our high quality pine parquet flooring has a three layer structure. Thickness of pine planks is 14-15 mm. Pine flooring is suitable for underfloor heating. Pine parquet flooring gives every room an elegant sophisticated look. Light coloured pine flooring is perfect for use in rooms which don't have sufficient lighting. Pine parquet is suitable for creating many different appearances of your home. If you combine pine parquet with light coloured furniture, you will create a room with tranquil and calming feel. You can also combine pine flooring with dark furniture and create beautiful contrast which is very appealing. Pine parquet flooring has brushed surface texture which is very popular. Surface finish of pine flooring is oiled for a natural look. Pine also has a beautiful pattern which looks great in every home.


Pine parquet flooring can be installed in many beautiful patterns

There are two methods for installing parquet flooring. Floating method is usually used to install engineered parquet flooring. Use of high quality underlayment is recommended for floating method. If you install hardwood parquet flooring, it is most commonly done with gluing method. Gluing method offers hardwood flooring best stability. It is quite demanding task so it is best to hire professionals. If hardwood flooring is not installed properly, many problems can occur later on. Because hardwood flooring is a big investment which is meant to last for decades, it is wise to install parquet flooring according to recommendations and basic rules. There are many patterns which can be achieved with different placement of hardwood tiles. Herringbone pattern is very beautiful and it is made out of hardwood tiles which are laid in zig zag pattern. This pattern is especially beautiful if different colour tiles are used. Chevron pattern is also very popular. It is very similar to herringbone, the only difference is in shape of hardwood tiles. Tiles used for chevron pattern are cut at an angle, therefore they create more arrow like pattern. Basketwave is very beautiful pattern which is created with horizontal and vertical hardwood tiles. Most complicated to create is hexagon pattern. Hardwood parquet tiles are laid in different directions to form stunning pattern.

Hardwood parquet flooring has to be polished periodically to maintain its beautiful look

After installation, thick hardwood parquet has to be sanded and lacquered or oiled. Sanding is done by machine, which ensures uniformed result. After sanding surface of thick hardwood parquet, it has to be lacquered or oiled. Lacquered hardwood flooring is very easy to maintain. When lacquered surface of hardwood floors is completely dry, you have to clean it with special cleaner which forms a protective layer. This special cleaner should be used once or twice a year. If you decide on oiled surface finish of your thick hardwood parquet, you have to clean it with special protective agent. Use of protective agent is advise once a month. You also have to use maintenance oil periodically. Oil is applied manually or with polishing machine. After oil dries, you have to polish hardwood parquet. Polishing parquet flooring can be very demanding so we recommend use of polishing machine.