Solid parquet flooring which we sell is made of high quality materials

We are parquet flooring company which represents best renounced parquet flooring brands from all around the world. Solid parquet flooring which we sell is made of high quality materials to provide durability and long life span. All our solid parquet flooring can be renewed multiple times. It is meant to last for many decades so your investment has to be well calculated and thought through. There are many options of solid parquet flooring you can choose from. We have more than 480 combinations so we are sure, you will find the one that best suits your expectations and needs. Before you decide on solid parquet flooring design, you have to choose colour. You have an option of dark, medium and light colours of solid parquet flooring with many stunning nuances which range from golden, silver and reddish colours. Light coloured solid parquet flooring is perfect for creating traditional or contemporary look of your home. Contemporary parquet flooring can be combined with light or dark furniture. Medium colour solid parquet flooring can be mixed with all colours of furniture and walls. Medium colour solid oak parquet flooring is most popular among our clients. Dark coloured solid parquet flooring is recommended for spacious rooms which have sufficient lighting. You can also create contemporary appearance if you mix dark floors with contemporary light furniture. Created contrast is exquisite.

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Our company represents renounced brands of solid parquet flooring

There are many designs which can be created with solid parquet flooring tiles. Most popular design is herringbone. It is made out of rectangular tiles which are laid together at a 90° angle. That way flooring tiles create a beautiful zig zag pattern. Parquet herringbone flooring looks best if it is installed in big spacious rooms. Double herringbone design can also be created in a similar way, the only difference is that tiles are doubled for thicker look of this stunning design. The design is especially beautiful if different colours of tiles are used.


Different parquet flooring designs create traditional and contemporary look

Chevron is also popular design because it looks very similar to herringbone. The difference is in a shape of solid parquet tiles. They are cut at an angle to create perfect arrow pattern. Chevron design can be installed parallel or diagonal to walls, depends on shape and size of your room. Basketwave design is usually created with one colour of solid parquet tiles but stunning looks can be created with use of several different colours. This design can also be installed diagonally or parallel to walls.


Herringbone parquet flooring design looks gorgeous if more than one colour is used

Brick design has become very popular over last years. This design has very uniformed strict look which can be softened with use of various colours. If you combine few colours in one pattern, you will get gorgeous designs of parquet flooring. Brick design is not so complicated to achieve but there is still a strict pattern that has to be followed. Brick design is perfect for creating contemporary look of your parquet. Design which is very complicated to achieve is hexagon. Parquet tiles are installed in all directions so extra care is needed to accomplish this appealing design.

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Our company sells high quality solid parquet flooring sourced from all around the world

Installation of solid parquet flooring is demanding. It is best to hire professionals which will install your new solid parquet flooring in any kind of designs you will want. Surface on which solid parquet will be installed has to be clean, levelled and dry. Installation can be done with floating or gluing method. With traditional gluing method, tiles are glue to the floor. This installation offers stability to solid parquet flooring. After installation, solid flooring has to be sanded and lacquered or oiled. If you decided on lacquered flooring, complete renovation should be done once every decade.